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Powerful Words, Expertly Written - Freelance Writer for Business, Finance, and Tech

About Me

I believe the best writing creates trust. When we understand customer needs, solve their problems, share our values, and present content in the right way, we create powerful change.

I specialize in writing practical, actionable content that tells a story, creates context, and breaks down complex subjects into easily understandable steps. Ultimately, my writing is designed to inform, educate, entertain, and inspire, so you get the results you need.

I write on the following areas:

- Web content – complete website content, blogging, static pages, and descriptions of products, services, and businesses.

- Software as a Service – providing content, context, reviews, and articles on subscription-based, online software tools. 

- Business – writing on digital marketing, entrepreneurship, management, advertising, business development, and careers.

- Customer support – content for customer service, support documentation, and knowledge bases for users.

- Finance – articles on investing, budgeting, debt management, planning, and credit scoring.

- Technology – I break down complex technology and IT into easily understandable information.

- Project management – content for planning, managing, resourcing, and delivering projects.

I can create content in a variety of formats including website copy, blogs, knowledge bases, white papers, in-depth articles, support guides, and tutorials. I have over 15 years of business experience, working across large corporations before starting my own business in 2010. I understand the challenges business and entrepreneurs face and enjoy writing content that creates solutions. 

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Freelance Writer - Business, Finance, and Technology

- Writing content to create trust - creating content for customers by understanding their needs, solving their problems, and sharing information that matters. - Sharing business benefits and values - establishing the values, benefits and USPs of a business and presenting them in a compelling, actionable way. - Creating goal-oriented content - understanding the needs and outcomes of a business and writing content to achieve those goals. - Writing memorable, actionable articles - creating articles that inform, educate, entertain, and inspire readers with powerful calls to action.

Company: - Freelance Editorial Services LLC

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

Business Director

Freelance Editing Services Limited is a professional services company providing editing, proofreading, editorial consultancy, development and Anglicising to businesses, publishers and individuals in the UK and around the world. - Marketing & Brand - Developing our online and offline presence, advertising, marketing and offerings to clients. - Business Strategy - Identifying new opportunities for growth, strengthening our position in the market and ensuring we compete effectively for business. - Client Relationships - Establishing and maintaining strong, trusting relationships with clients; identifying requirements and delivering services. - Administration & Financial Control - Process management, expenses, administration and financial management. - Editing, Development & Consultancy - Working with authors and businesses to edit and develop documents from first draft to final copy.

Company: Freelance Editorial Services LLC

I worked there from 4/2010 until now

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