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Creates content for businesses | FarNebula.com

About Me

For the past ten years, I've created, or contributed to, online content. My work has been featured on sites like TechCrunch, SlashGear, and BestTechie. I've been quoted by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, and TechCrunch. I've discussed upcoming gadgets in several segments for ABC27. And I've helped dozens of businesses, from small local contractors to Silicon Valley startups, improve their content so they can sell more and spend less. Visit http://farnebula.com to learn more.

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My Writing Samples

Fetch Better Care for Your Pets With Rover

Company interview & profile.


Nintendo Switch Predictions: What I’m Guessing for Tonight

Prediction post prior to Nintendo Switch reveal event.


Apple’s New MacBook Has Just One Port — For Everything

Coverage of the new Retina MacBook after Apple's keynote.


Yahoo’s new telecommuting policy isn’t just okay, it’s necessary

Opinion piece on the work-on-site policy instituted by Marissa Mayer after she became CEO of Yahoo.


How Blockchain Will Change the Retail Industry

A look into the current and potential use cases for blockchain technology in retail.


Email Newsletters and Blues Traveler

Fun post about the resurgence of the email newsletter and why it's effective.



Web Content Creator

Providing content marketing services to Harrisburg and the world.-Website copy-Blog content-Social media-Podcast production http://farnebula.com

Company: Far Nebula

I worked there from 6/2016 until now

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