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Story Expert, Writer, Content Creator

About Me

I help brands generate more leads, earn greater loyalty and dominate their market through the power of UNFORGETTABLE STORYTELLING.

Everyone is familiar with the power of Story. Just think of the last great movie you saw—

Recall how you became enraptured by its characters: All it took was a few minutes in their shoes, and you’re fully invested in the outcome of their journey. This is because their pains and desires somehow felt oddly personal. Their fight for a dream triggered your own closely guarded struggles. Now hooked, you cry at their darkest moments; you cheer at their victories. For 90 minutes your brain had no idea the distinction between the emotional reality of the movie’s world or your own.

Storytelling transcends the mind. It is a force that can inspire, inform and transform the human race.

But I’m afraid I have some bad news. Sorry. Go on, take a knee.

You see... none of that applies in the world of advertising. Your brand’s marketing must be cold, rigid, stiff. Your content must be pestering, cliché and ferociously boring. Brands must be faceless entities, devoid of character. It’s all about features and benef—


You’re forgiven if you missed the joke. It’s easy to forget why so many marketers have all taken the same tired approach to advertising — it’s what audiences have grown accustomed to seeing. Every time we turn on the TV or browse the web, we’re inundated with relentless garbage that shouts for our attention. And by reflex we tune it all out.

The landscape is changing. Brands have a responsibility now to produce content that captivates their audiences and brings them on an emotional journey. In order to stay relevant with a generation that values trust and meaning above all else, brands must shift their focus to STORY-DRIVEN marketing.

When content triggers the emotions, its effects build instant and long-lasting credibility. We immortalize the brands who make us FEEL something. By utilizing the mechanics of good storytelling, your brand will achieve industry leadership through the loyalty and adoration of a devoted fan base.

In order to attain this fabled prestige, you must invest in a storyteller who has spent a lifetime’s pursuit of the craft.

Classically trained in theatre. Tested and refined by Hollywood. Indispensable in the changing landscape of digital marketing. I am everything you need and more in a copywriter. My work is meticulously researched, painstakingly focused on your target audience, and deliberately driven to convert. With the perfect blend of humor, wit and charm my words are a delight to read. 

It is my mutant superpower to uncover the hidden story potential behind anything—and I know for a fact there is plenty to discover for your brand. I will translate your objectives into fresh, creative content that elicits thought, feeling and trust from your audience.

I can’t wait to get started!

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My Writing Samples

Article: How to Use Storytelling to Create Unforgettable Websites

Article about how traditional storytelling techniques can be incorporated into web design to maximize conversion and user engagement.


Blog: What Storytelling Means for Corporates and Startups

Article that gives an introductory sense of how corporates and startups can embrace storytelling principles to grow their business to new heights.


Blog: How Storytelling Can Enhance the Writing of Your Press Release

Article that shares a few tips in how companies can enhance their press releases by approaching them through the lens of a storyteller.


Article: Why Color Psychology Should Influence Your Web Design

Article about color science in web design and how the colors you choose for your website/brand can psychologically influence your users’ thoughts and actions.


Blog: How Storytelling Can Create Powerful Product Demonstrations

Article about how the key to a winning product demonstration lies in the persuasive power of storytelling.


TV Spot: SeeAll Open Sight

SeeAll Open Sight is highly regarded in the industry for manufacturing A+ gun sights for enthusiasts. Their latest product needed an eye-opening TV spot that aims for big sales and was guaranteed to hit the target. My main challenge as script writer was to research the intended audience and understand what words, features and images they would best respond to. The result is an ad filled with enough energy and tantalizing features to make any gun enthusiast set their sights on buying one.


Product Ad: Bullseye Hitch

Bullseye Hitch needed a simple video to showcase how their inventive product makes hitching a trailer much easier. I created a scene with a battling husband and wife who just can't seem to hit the hitch's bullseye. Adding humor and wit to a relatable scenario, I was able to target the client's objectives in a way that is hopefully a bit more interesting than the standard infomercial. Was I successful? Read the script and see for yourself!



Copywriter, Script Writer

Employing wordplay wizardry and well-crafted content for a diverse clientele. My work specializes in script writing, but I have also produced effective marketing techniques for website copy, articles, sales pitches, email campaigns, bios, promos, and the carefully worded fragment.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from /2008 until /


Accomplished background in leading ensembles, training at world-renown studios and workshops, and teaching children the foundations of theatre. Extensive film and onstage credits from a multitude of productions across the country. Some of my on-screen performances have earned praise from Salon, USA TODAY, and MTV. Reel: https://vimeo.com/242961253

Company: Jayson Morgan

I worked there from /2008 until /

Web Designer-Developer

Founding core team member of this new holistic living publication in circulation across the Southeast. My duties involve anything and everything related to the functionality of its website, keeping it a well-oiled machine.

Company: Conscious Life Journal

I worked there from 11/2015 until /

Actor | Writer | Producer

Atlanta-based production company focused on irreverent, outrageous comedic content. Our major creative property, The Amatures, is currently in development with an award-winning team based in Los Angeles and with partnerships in Atlanta.

Company: Mutey Times, LLC

I worked there from /2013 until /

Owner / Story Consultant & Script Writer

Helping brands create content that is engaging, inspiring and far more effective than marketing ideas still stuck in the 19th century. https://getbeev.com

Company: Get Beev - Story Consulting

I worked there from 6/2019 until now

Owner / Creative Director

Under the 'Built By The Beev' banner, I've helped small businesses develop a complete brand and online presence through original websites, logos, graphics, brochures, and social media profiles.

Company: Built By The Beev

I worked there from /2012 until 10/2017

Content I Write