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Freelance B2B Writer, Blogger, Content Marketer for Tech, IT, and Healthcare Businesses, and for Ad & Content Agencies.

About Me

I've been a full-time freelance B2B writer for the past decade. I write exclusively about IT, technology, and healthcare. My degree in Radio, TV, and Motion Pictures from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill taught me early on how to tell a great story. My love of storytelling paired with a love of all things technical helps me write engaging content for my clients. Those clients range from Fortune 50 tech giants (HPE, Amazon, IBM) to leading consumer brands (Samsung, UPS). I also work with content and ad agencies and their tech and healthcare sector clients. My clients typically ask me to write blog posts, articles, case studies, and white papers, and sometimes ask me to ghostwrite short-form pieces (articles, blogs) for their tech executives.

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My Writing Samples

IBM Cloud – Is the Hybrid Cloud Model Right for Your Business?

Hybrid cloud deployments have become an increasingly popular choice among enterprises. The hybrid cloud market is expanding at a 17 percent compound annual growth rate. What’s behind the popularity of the hybrid cloud model, which combines public and private cloud resources in the same environment? Does this setup really deliver the best of both worlds — the scalability of the public cloud with the control of a private deployment?


Samsung — It Pays to Go Paperless: How Digital Forms Go the Distance

At its core, what is reducing paperwork in your business really about? If you’re thinking about going paperless, maybe paper and ink costs prompted the consideration. That’s a valid concern and certainly affects many businesses. But more likely, the desire to reduce paperwork in your business is about saving time and creating a more productive, agile, connected company.


Samsung Health — Glooko Simplifies Diabetes Management with Smartphone App

Unless you or someone you love has diabetes, you may be surprised how much data is required to manage the condition. People with diabetes have to monitor medications and timing, food intake, and the effect of exercise or stress on their bodies. Food, medicine and activity each affect the ultimate data point required for diabetes management and control: blood sugar readings. Learn how Glooko is taking a taking what's traditionally been a manual process and simplifying it with a smartphone app.


Cloudera — How the Rise of Data and AI have Redefined the Data-Driven Enterprise

The rise of data and AI promises many things: the power to interpret, to predict, to transform. However, until the enterprise learns how to manage and master the data being generated and apply that learning to actual business use cases, that promise remains a distant dream. Taking advantage of data and AI requires a new architectural approach to how data is managed. That approach is the enterprise data cloud and, can unlock the value of any data anywhere.


Samsung — How to Choose the Best mPOS for Your Business

Better customer service, faster payment processing, better associate versatility — there are lots of reasons to use mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions. But choosing the best mPOS option for your business can seem like an overwhelming task. As you search for the right solution, answering these questions can help narrow your options.


IBM Cloud — How DevOps Tools Make Applications Go Faster and Farther

The term DevOps has been in existence for at least a decade now. In tech years, a decade is a long time. It’s hard to measure how pervasive the DevOps model has become in that decade. In the spirit of continuous improvement, practitioners turn to DevOps tools to improve their work. These tools help teams overcome the challenges that often come with accelerated release cycles, while also helping them achieve greater speed, quality and control.


HPE — Launching Active Directory? How to choose the right hardware and domain name strategy

Setting up Active Directory to account for rapid growth and settings changes—requires work and forethought. For small businesses in particular, that planning requires choosing a domain name strategy best suited to accommodate unpredictable business growth. Another strategic move is choosing the best server for Active Directory. Learn how to devise a naming strategy to allow for rapid growth, and why HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers may be a good choice for you when setting up Active Directory servers.


HPE — Deploy Small Business Network Solutions in Minutes, not Days

Finding and deploying the right small business network solutions can be a challenge, in part because there are so many factors to consider: How do you plan your new network? How do you select the right components? Are there readily available network solutions that can make this easier? While the process may seem overwhelming, securing the right network solutions will help ensure your business's future success. Here's what to know to set up your small office network as painlessly as possible.



Writer, Blogger, Content Creatorfor Tech, IT, and Healthcare Businesses, and Ad & Content Agencies

Write and ghostwrite blogs, white papers, and case studies for tech companies including HPE, IBM, Samsung, Cloudera, Amazon Web Services, VMware, NetApp, Vonage, UPS, and Schneider-Electric. Also work as a writer-for-hire for ad and content marketing agencies who have tech or healthcare clients.

Company: Ronda J. Swaney - full-time freelance writer, blogger, content creator

I worked there from 4/2010 until now

Senior Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications

Created employee communications plans, events, and campaigns for internal company initiatives, HR and benefits updates, as well as external marketing plans. Managing editor, writer, and designer for internal newsletter. Managed company intranet. Oversaw national photography program which included managing 60 photo shoots per year, assigning photographers, selecting images for purchase, and making images available to marketing team library

Company: Kimley-Horn (civil engineering firm)

I worked there from 12/2004 until 3/2010

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