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Freelance Technology Content Writer - Cybersecurity, Robotics and Software

About Me

Specialist content helps tech companies reach new customers and keep existing ones.

I'm a freelance technology writer who creates hard-working, informative content for marketing teams and agencies.

If you want to use content to help your company attract new customers and keep existing ones, I can help.

I believe specialist tech content can be effective and user-friendly, so I'd like to use my skills and knowledge to help your company succeed.

I'm Sara (pronounced Sarah to save you having to guess). I'll work with you until you're happy with your content, and I'll stick to my quote.

So there are no hidden surprises, simply a reliable, does-what-she-says writer.


With over 25 years of experience in journalism, marketing, content and teaching tech, and writing books, I bring expertise and know-how to your project, together with specialist knowledge of cybersecurity, software, and robotics. 

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

Software Success for Manufacturing Company

A two-page case study of a manufacturing company about how they upgraded to a new CRM system and the benefits from using it


Are you safe from hackers?

This article looks at how hotels can protect their data and networks from attacks.


Preventing Customer-Not-Present Fraud

With credit and debit card fraud a constant headache for retailers, this article looks at how it can be prevented and new ideas to tackle the problem.


Treating Soft Rush

A three-page case study about a specialist weed treatment machine used on an RSPB reserve.


Storm on the horizon - future technologies for enterprise risk management

This article looks at the changes we could see in risk management technology over the next decade. This article is behind a subscription paywall, if you would like to see a PDF of the piece, please email: sara@saraedlington.com


Future of Enterprise Risk Managment Systems

This article looks at how companies can make the most of their risk management data. This article is behind a subscription paywall,


Help is at hand - property management systems for hotels

This article looks at how a property management system can help hotels with cost effectiveness and management of their buildings.


Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software can give retailers a competitive edge. This software can provide the right data, at the right time to help decision makers make critical decisions about sales, inventory and so on.


Searching for security - software and hardware

As well as value for money and excellent service, the added extra that hotel guests are looking for is security. This article looks at how to improve hotel security from locks to safes.


The personnel touch – human resources software

A human resources software package can help you with labour scheduling, productivity, and appraisals. With a case study.


Customer relationship management software

Customer relationship management software can reveal hidden gems of data that can be used to help a company market itself more effectively. This article looks at how cruise owners can use customer relationship management software to their advantage.


Cybersecurity Talk - Newsletter

Two-page newsletter on cybersecurity topics with two stories.



Freelance writer for software and security tech

What I do: I help your company connect with your customers by providing a content writing service. I work with: I work with brands wanting to connect with software and security technology companies audiences in the B2B sector. Why it works: When you work with me, you get the most effective and affordable content writing service that brands are looking for right now.

Company: Sara Edlington

I worked there from 8/1989 until now

Freelance trade magazine writer

What I do: I write well-researched articles and features for trade magazines and newspapers in the UK, Europe and, the U.S.A. How I do it: I provide editors with ideas for articles and features for their publication. I do thorough research, interview the best sources for the piece and craft it into an informative, readable article to help readers understand the issue. Who I work with: ● StrategicRISK Europe ● Retail Systems ● The Independent newspaper ● The Times (London) newspaper

Company: S Edlington

I worked there from 8/1989 until 12/2015

Internet Marketing Consultant

I worked as an independent internet marketing consultant helping companies to make the most of their internet presence.

Company: S Edlington

I worked there from 1/1998 until 1/2000

Digital learning/eLearning/Online course writer

What I do: I help instructional designers who are looking to work with a specialist course writer for digital, eLearning and online learning projects. How I do it: I write Level 1 and Level 2 courses. I've written interactive courses on payroll software and identifying and treating malware. I've also scripted instructional videos for a machinery manufacturer

Company: S Edlington

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Content I Write