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HubSpot Content Marketing Certified Freelance B2B Writer for SAAS companies

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HubSpot Content Marketing Certified Freelance B2B Writer for SaaS companies. Content creator for blogs, articles, and website copy. Fields: SaaS, Digital Marketing, Web Design, eCommerce.

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How To Effectively Manage a PR Crisis On Social Media

Do you know how to effectively handle crisis communication when it comes? If not, I’ll show you an effective way to handle a PR mistake on social media and get your company back running again.


Save Time with These Top 7 Social Media Management Tools

A Comparative Guide To The Top 7 Social Media Management Tools


Parallax Web Design: How It Can Ruin Your Website

How parallax scrolling can affect your website design and user experience.


Three Ways to Beat Your Depressed Mood…Fast

Three fast ways to boost your mood on a tough day.


Marketing Techniques for a Restaurant Business

Some useful ideas to help market your restaurant business.


Why You Should Create Content for Readers, Not Search Engines

Creating your content for readers should be number one, before thinking about SEO.


The Best Tools for Web Marketing

A list of web marketing tools that help business needs.


10 Best Design Tools for UI/UX Designers

Very helpful top ten list of the best design tools for UI/UX designers.


Inbound Marketing – How to Convert Website Visitors into Leads

A simple guide to converting website visitors into leads.


How Digital Marketing Can Improve Business Sales

It's true! Digital marketing helps improve business sales directly and indirectly.


How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Digital Marketing?

The future is here! AI and digital marketing can help each other when building your business.


Five Digital Marketing Tools That Help Your Startup

A list for startup founders looking to work effectively on their marketing strategy.



B2B Freelance Writer

I help bring data-driven results that will drive more website traffic, grow business, and generate leads.

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I worked there from 1/2017 until now

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