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Louis Allport


Web Technology Consultant & Trainer

About Me

I've been involved in a number of technical roles since the '90s, although now work exclusively for ForwardView Media as a web technology consultant & trainer.

This means much of my focus these days is helping organizations use web tech effectively to:

I help organizations through consulting projects, and also through training.

Some other key details from my career include:

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My Writing Samples

How to Fix (and Prevent) the WordPress White Screen of Death – An In-Depth Guide

This very in depth tutorial talks through how to quickly resolve the WordPress White Screen of Death (WSOD), and how to prevent it happening in future (as much as possible).


Here’s Quite Possibly The Easiest (and Safest) Way to Move Your WordPress Site

This tutorial focuses on an approach I find works very well for moving WordPress sites. There's a number of ways to move sites and some of them can get very technical. So instead, this tutorial talks through just one approach that is quite simple to implement and makes the process relatively straightforward.


Get Your Own “Facebook Bot” For More Leads & Clients

This article is a fast introduction to software options for creating your own Facebook bot, and how bots can be positively implemented into your business.


Simple Emails That Grow Your Sales

This article talks through some simple yet effective email marketing approaches small businesses can apply. This comes from my years of writing emails for my own business and also for clients, and the positive results that have come from that.


Here’s An (Almost) Automatic Way to Make More Sales

This article talks through some CRM and marketing automation options available to fitness, health and wellness businesses.



Web Technology Consultant & Trainer

My work at ForwardView Media is focused on web technology consulting, technical training, and software development. And at the simplest level, my purpose is to help organisations use web technology to achieve more and save time.

Company: ForwardView Media Ltd

I worked there from 10/2018 until now

Freelance Consultant | Online Publisher

This period of my career covers many projects but at the simplest level - it included a lot of: video tutorial recording and publishing (downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people), website creation, marketing automation projects, and client consulting.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 10/2000 until 10/2018

Localization Engineer

For around seven years I was a localization engineer at SDL. Localisation engineering is the technical work required to turn English software and websites into other languages. I started as a junior engineer, became a senior engineer, and worked on many projects for very well-known global software companies.

Company: SDL

I worked there from 10/1993 until 9/2000

Content I Write


Email copy that grew sales.

I worked alongside Louis for around 18 months, for a mutual client, and also for some separate projects. The email and web copy Louis wrote for that client positively contributed to more leads and sign ups. In fact the emails Louis wrote became the leading source of new clients, when compared to the other sources of sign ups. He also helped me with my own email copy to keep my list warm and responsive along with several blog posts.

David Slaughter, Pro Fitness Web Design

Louis has great depth of knowledge...

Louis has written copy for our websites and marketing campaigns for close to two years now. This has included entirely rewriting our website (as well as re-designing it) which made a big difference to how it’s been received by visitors. He's also helped us create copy for ongoing email and texting campaigns.

Wayne Law, InBiznez