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About Me

I retired early from my bacteriologist position at the University of Massachusetts when the state decided to close down our lab. Though not a happy occasion, I was glad for my 20-plus years with UMASS, during which time I was able work my way up the career ladder, obtained an undergraduate and a graduate degree, and met many wonderful people. Since I had many years of work-life left, I began to think about a second career. I finally settled on writing for internet publications - I enjoy researching and writing immensely, and this new path has been a perfect fit. I hope to continue to do this type of work for a very long time. For even more fun, I write short fiction, though I haven't submitted anything for publication - yet.

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My Writing Samples

If You Think the LIBOR Scandal Is an Anomaly, Think Again

The LIBOR scandal is just the latest in a string of interest-rate manipulation scams orchestrated by big banks.


Buy These 3 Stocks if Trump Dumps Obamacare

What can happen to your portfolio if Trump overturns Obamacare? A lot…


Retirement: More Boomers Head Overseas for Cheap Living

Baby boomers are finding foreign lands to be very hospitable to retirees – and much less expensive than the U.S.


3 workarounds when you don’t have a tech cofounder

As a startup founder, you’re anxious to get your business up and running. You’ve got great ideas, but you have a major stumbling block when it comes to turning them into reality: You don’t have a technical cofounder.



Contract Writer

Most recently, I was a contract writer for Traders Reserve, a financial/investment company similar to the Motley Fool. My primary areas of concentration are the energy sector (fossil and alternative), banking, retail, retirement, healthcare, and investing for women.

Company: Traders Reserve

I worked there from 1/2016 until 2/2017

Contract Writer

As a remote contract writer for TMF, I wrote articles primarily for the finance sector - banking, credit, real estate investment trusts, and insurance - with an emphasis on publicly-held companies. As time went on, I branched out into more general-interest subjects, such as personal finance, college education/debt, unemployment, and career/employment issues.

Company: The Motley Fool

I worked there from 2/2012 until 9/2015


I cut my financial-sector writing teeth on the Motley Fool's blog (now defunct). Within eight weeks, I was invited to become a contract writer for the company's website.

Company: Motley Fool Blog Network

I worked there from 12/2011 until 2/2012

Contract Writer

Edited and updated stale product review articles for this consumer-oriented website.

Company: Consumer Search

I worked there from 2/2017 until 2/2017

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