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B2B Copywriter & Content Marketing Strategist

About Me

“You are our most valued asset in growing our business. You’ve helped us think in lots of new ways and have completely transformed what we think about how to use content in our marketing strategy.” —Mike Donnelly, Seventh Sense ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I help leadership teams and internal marketing departments attract their ideal clients and grow revenue.

• I'm a copywriter who crafts marketing messages that generate a response and lead to sales.

• I'm a content strategist who plans and creates white papers, blog posts, and articles that resonate with target audiences and guide prospects through the buyer's journey.

Integrating psychology and science into copywriting and content produces real results. With my degree in creative writing and psychology, combined with 11 years of experience in marketing, I have a unique skill set. 

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My Writing Samples

How Ill-Mail is Hurting Your Email Response Rate

White paper for SaaS company


Choosing Cloud Infrastructure: When Ridesharing Servers Makes Sense

Blog post for software development company


Why Your Unique Value Proposition Isn’t as Important as You Think It Is (and What Matters More)

Blog post for Kissmetrics

http://Why Your Unique Value Proposition Isn’t as Important as You Think It Is (and What Matters More)

What's the Big Deal About Safety?

White paper for safety consulting company


6 Ways to Increase Leads from Accounting Firm Websites

Article for CPA Practice Advisor



freelance copywriter & content strategist

I use conversion optimization and persuasion psychology to generate revenue growth for my clients. I work with internal marketing departments and leadership teams who want to get better leads and better results from their marketing.

Company: Ideally: Conversion Copywriting & Content

I worked there from /2011 until now

Content I Write