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Head of Content at WildShark

About Me

I have 12 years' experience as a content writer and content marketer. I have recently transitioned from a full-time position as the head of content for an SEO agency, to freelance (for a second time) following redundancy.

I have extensive experience conducting keyword research, competitor analysis, and content gap analysis. I use tools and services including ahrefs, AnswerThePublic, and HARO to determine what readers are looking for, and I can source quotes or conduct interviews with relevant professionals from any industry, to ensure a high-quality piece of content. 

I currently write a lot about cryptocurrency, freelancing, and small business, but I would love to turn my hand to something new and am never afraid of taking on a new topic.

Industries I Write About



My Writing Samples

5 Revolutionary Educational and Professional Uses for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology is beneficial for more than just education. This article looks at 5 educational and professional uses for the technology.


What Will It Take For VR To Go Mainstream?

This piece looked at the factors that would be needed in order for VR headsets and VR technology to hit the mainstream.


SEO In 2017 - What's Changing And What's Not?

Written as a supporting guest post before guesting on the #bizheroes Twitter chat, this piece looks at mobile-first, schema markup, and other SEO ranking factors that will be even more important in 2017.


Conducting Keyword Research For Your Content Marketing Campaign

Keyword research is still important in SEO, and can ignite a content marketing campaign to help make it successful. This article looks at how to conduct effective keyword research.


Content Marketing And The Art Of The Quotable

There are many techniques that can be employed during a content marketing campaign. Using quotable text can improve searches and engagement, while improving the visual design of a piece.


Measure The Quality Of Potential Guest Blogging Opportunities

Not all guest blogging opportunities are created equal. This guide looks at the metrics to measure, and details how to measure them, in order to ensure that readers pitch the best sites.



Head Of Content

-- Sourcing blogs for outreach and guest posting opportunities. -- Negotiating with editors and site owners to increase the chances of getting guest content published. -- Researching and writing high quality guest post pieces. -- Following up on guest post submissions. -- Writing website content to increase conversions and reduce bounce rates, while improving search engine rankings. -- Meeting any other business content requirements. -- Helping train apprentices in content writing and blogger outreach.

Company: Wildshark Ltd

I worked there from 5/2016 until 10/2019

Freelance Content Marketer

Researching, planning, and implementing content strategy and content marketing campaigns for small businesses and large enterprises. Writing legal, financial, B2B, technology, and blog content to establish and promote brands.

Company: Matt Jackson

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

Content I Write