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Digital Content Strategist at Urban Element: helping businesses create content with impact

About Me

I strive to create quality content that works for real people. That means meeting the needs of users and helping organisations to achieve their aims - both in digital and print. All of your content should be earning it's keep - providing return on investment through being relevant to user needs and your business. Effective content must be current, regularly updated, and add value to the user experience. My work involves creating content that meets these criteria; auditing, reviewing and improving existing content; and developing strategies for ongoing content development. I thrive on creating and following voice and tone guidelines, writing SEO friendly content that works for real people and coming up with creative and innovative ideas for website content, blog posts and marketing copy. I'm at home doing content audits, creating editorial calendars and defining content strategies that are closely aligned with business goals. I'm comfortable using a wide range of content management systems (CMS), and have experience of Adobe Creative Cloud. Day-to-day I use Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Markdown and Gather Content.

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My Writing Samples

3 Ways Corporate Social Responsibility Adds Value to Your Business

A ghostwritten blog post that explores the value of corporate social responsibility and charitable work to business. The article explains how CSR can benefit businesses both directly and indirectly.


How is Brexit impacting executive recruitment services?

Article for an executive recruitment client that explores the impact of the June 26 EU referendum on recruitment.


Responsive web design: understanding how customers use your mobile site

An explanation of responsive web design and how to use data to understand how your mobile website is performing.


How user personas and stories can increase sales from your website

Overview of user personas, user stories and how using these can benefit businesses.


Content marketing approaches for B2B businesses

How B2B businesses can use content marketing to drive awareness and boost SEO


Top tips for getting more sales and enquiries through your website

A guide to increasing online sales and driving enquiries through improved UX and SEO


Challenges and opportunities for executive recruitment in the Pharma sector

Overview of the changing context of the pharma sector and the opportunities this presents to businesses


How to get started with an integrated digital marketing campaign

What is an integrated marketing campaign and how do you set one up?


Improve the SEO of your existing website and get real ROI

Redeveloping your site is costly and takes time. By optimising the SEO of your existing site you can maximise the value of your current assets and drive more business.



Digital Content Strategist

Helping businesses to get return on investment by creating website content that meets the needs of users and delivers on business objectives. I provide content consultancy and copywriting, working with businesses to develop style and tone documents and write effective copy for websites. I can work with you to audit your existing content; provide recommendations on how your content can be improved; and implement these changes in a way that will improve the experience for users and have measurable impact on your business. All of the content on your website should have value. Your customers don't want to wade through pages of waffle to find the one nugget of information that's relevant. Getting your on page content right will attract more visitors through search engines, but will also convert more visitors into enquiries and sales. I can help you to make each page do its job. Combined with the rest of the team, we can create online experiences that deliver your business goals and provide real return on investment.

Company: Urban Element Design Solutions Ltd

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

Content I Write