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About Me

Experienced writer and content strategist with a particular fancy for translating niche concepts into everyday English. I'm comfortable writing for general, technical and business audiences, incorporating good readability, usability, accessibility and SEO principles. My writing voice is most often selected by clients looking for a casual, warm and humanising style.

BACKGROUND: Web, UX, IT, technology, digital, horticulture.

CURRENT ACTIVE NICHES: Horticulture, technology, food, health & fitness, wellness.

FAVOURITE SPECIALISATIONS: Book writing, product stories, resume (CV) & cover letters, presentations, talk proposals, user manuals, microcopy.

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE: Feature articles, case studies, blog posts, ghostwriting, web content, policy drafting.

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My Writing Samples

See your friends this weekend – it may help you live longer

A study by Brigham Young University, published in2015 in the Perspectives on PsychologicalScience journal, revealed higher predictedearly mortality rates in people who weresocially isolated, regardless of whether theywere lonely or simply chose to be alone.


Want to Know How to Be Less Stressed? The Answer Isn’t What You Think

In short, we like to keep busy with things that matter. So the real question isn’t whether being busy is bad for us. It's whether it would be so terrible if every item on our to-do list was meaningful.


Home renovations for sustainable living

Rooftop solar panel installation is at an all-time high, and it’s easy to see why. Though the original incentives have decreased since the introduction of the government scheme, the price of panel installation has dropped by around 30% since 2012, allowing homeowners to reap the day-to-day benefits of solar for less than ever.


Are popups still a good idea?

Go on. Ask any internet user how they feel about popups. You may learn some new swear words. And yet, when the business case for UX is stronger than ever, many brands still default to popups for pushing their marketing messages. Why?


5 Clever Ideas for an Affordable Vacation You Won’t Have to Leave Home For

After all, the most important reason to vacation is the chance to switch off from everyday duties and enjoy leisure time. Modern studies in mental health have flagged leisure as key to our psychological well-being and quality of life. Spending just one fun day out of the house, or simply taking an afternoon for yourself, could be enough to snap you out of the daily grind.


Substituting everyday ingredients for native bush tucker

While not technically exotic, Australia’s bush tucker is still on the fringe of the mainstream. Currently popularised by gourmet chefs and the “fancy” aisle at the supermarket (if you are lucky enough to have your supermarket stock native produce), it’s easy to forget that these are ordinary fruits and veggies, herbs and spices we’re working with.




Writing, editing, content strategy, brand voice development, website content, social media content, press releases, case studies, company profiles, ghostwriting.

Company: Humaan

I worked there from 2/2016 until now


Writing, editing, content strategy, brand voice development, website content, articles, blog content, social media content, press releases, case studies, company profiles.Specialty genres: Health/fitness, lifestyle/wellbeing, home & garden, arts & crafts, hobbies/DIY, wellness & mindful living, user experience.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 9/2015 until now


Design, craft, electronics.

Company: Xiuxia

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

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