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Ghostwriter for Books and ebooks, structural/line editing, content development,

About Me

Wilmington Book Ghostwriter. I love to make your thoughts and words sparkle and capture them in a timeless treasure - your book. Need compelling storied content? Competent editing? Talk to me about your project. I specialize in B2B and B2C, particularly healthcare but I've written for a variety of industries and verticals.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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Ghostwriter - help write your book, fix or finish your book.

Ghostwriter/editor with proven project management and creative oversight experience. • Hired/managed stable of writers - always on deadline • Storyteller; published author in nonfiction/fiction • Award-winning graphic designer & fine artist • Own complete virtual office • Never miss a deadline • Consistent, reliable, trustworthy

Company: BeckyJacoby.com - Ghostwriter for Hire

I worked there from 2/2007 until now

Communications Specialist

Content management/development, eBook writing/editing, email marketing, graphic design support, and a range of project management and implementation of communications services.Established graphic design function. Nonprofit multi-channel company supporting non-mainstream students.

Company: Lakeside Educational Network

I worked there from /2003 until now

Content I Write