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Freelance Writer, Blogger at 2Pears

About Me

Freelance marketing and brand copywriter specialising in innovation and technology in the UK, particularly what start-ups (and investment in them) say about wider trends - i.e. blockchain applications for music and energy, an increase in the number of health apps that share data with caregivers, and the need for legislation to cap the free market in music streaming services. 

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My Writing Samples

How BlueJay turns your smartphone into a radio station

Case study for music-tech start-up and its relationship with an equity crowdfunding company.


What Brexit means for start-up investment in the UK (there’s even good news!)

Analysis of the impact on the UK's vote to leave the European Union on start-up investment and funding.


What does UK agri-tech need? (Hint: Farmers.)

Opinion piece on the disconnect between government-led initiatives in farming technology and what farmers actually need.


What AXA PPP HealthTech & You 2017 finalists tell us about the vibrancy of health tech in the UK

Reporting and analysis on trends in health-tech, as seen through the lens of a recent start-up competition.


Music 4.5 in New York: “It’s not music’s responsibility to manage the growth of the businesses that exploit it”

Summary of a recent seminar in New York on the economics of streaming, presented against the backdrop of 2016's music stats.



Freelance Writer, Blogger

Writer of case studies and articles related to Music 4.5 and TechPitch 4.5.

Company: 2Pears

I worked there from 2/2015 until now


Company: Underground (a novel)

I worked there from /2012 until now

London Correspondent

Reporting and analysis of the UK's innovation ecosystem for Nordic equity crowdfunding company.

Company: Invesdor

I worked there from 10/2016 until now

Content I Write