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The Man at Epic Content

About Me

I am a content marketing specialist who believes passionately in brand journalism and just making epic content in all its forms. I build an audience and then make the sale with blogs, video content, social media and more. Your story is what makes you special, it separates you from the rest of the world. So let's make it Epic. 

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My Writing Samples

8 Ways AI Makes AR and VR More Engaging

A deep dive into how Artificial Intelligence can enhance Augmented and Virtual Reality. It's a technical piece that shows just how advanced I can get!


The real story of Elon Musk

An in-depth look into one of the greatest minds of our time.Musk is a man that has done the impossible and could be the driving force of his generation. He is also, potentially, unbalanced. Here's my take...


5 Simple Tricks To Promote Your Blog Post

Writing a blog post is just the start. Then you need to promote it and here are five simple tricks to get you started. Get the exposure you need for your posts!


Have We Solved The Nanomaterials Problem?

A technical piece on the challenge the 3D printing industry faces with reliably and consistently printing nanomaterials. This was one potential solution, but it's a broader piece that addresses the issues.


Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Online Dating?

Online dating is a two-dimensional experience right now, but VR is set to change that. We could meet and even go on the first dates in an online 'safe space'.


Koenigsegg Agera R Test Drive

A test drive piece from the old days in one of the fastest, most powerful and rarest cars in the world. This was my bread and butter for 15 years.


10 3D Printed Construction Innovations

A look at recent steps in the 3D printed construction industry, which is set to be worth billions of dollars a year. It's just around the corner and a lot of companies are vying for supremacy. Here is my take on the most interesting developments.


You Can Move to Mars for 100K, One Day

This was an expansive news piece on SpaceX's plan to colonise Mars. It was an interesting piece that grabbed alot of attention thanks to a strong headline and a lighthearted approach.


Can We Turn Asteroids Into Spaceships?

This was an incredulous look at a futurism concept that is a long way off, but theoretically possible.Engagement was through the roof as readers argued the point, which is what we wanted to see.


Is This The World's Most Realistic Driving Simulator?

I tried out a racing simulator that professional drivers train on and related it back to the world of video games. It was an interesting piece and I got to crash a Formula One car with no consequences!



The Man - Freelance copywriter, blogger and marketing consultant

I am a tech and automotive specialist working with some of the world's biggest brands creating online content, web copy, white papers and more. The likes of Siemens, Stratasys, BMW and more have used my work to sell their wares. I spent 20 years working for the world's leading newspapers and magazines. I am also a seasoned B2B writer in manufacturing, 3D printing, automation and AI. I can help you tell a more compelling story. So get in touch!

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

Freelance Senior Copywriter

Alongside my journalism, I have forged an exciting career as a copywriter. My corporate clients include Suzuki Europe, Ford, Hype energy drink, Staysure insurance, F1 driver Jenson Button and many more. I use the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, combined with practical and solid writing experience, to make sure that every word counts towards the sale. So if you want a press release that captures the world's attention then you need me to write it. If you want your website or direct mail to become the company's new sales sensation, then you need me to write it. And if you want a killer company blog that people actually read and share, you need me to write it. As well as web copy, I produce and distribute press releases, I ghostwrite for a variety of people and cover everything internal communications, brochures, advertorials, social media and more.

Company: Nick Hall

I worked there from 6/2004 until now

The boss

An office couldn't contain me for long and I am now the fully-rounded freelancer combining copywriting and journalism. I work with some of the best editorially, including: The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Penthouse US, MSN Global, Playboy, Autobild Sportscars, Tatler Asia, Luxury Insider, The National and Gulf News in Dubai, Business Standard India, VG Norway, Motor, GenRoQ and Rosso in Japan and many more of the leading motoring and lifestyle magazines around the world. I focused on road testing, but write about the luxury industry too. I have also studied NLP and used it to devastating effect as a copywriter, turning press releases into one-page publicity machines and direct mail and websites into sales sensations. So get in touch if you want to boost your business!

Company: Freelance Journalist, Writer and Editor

I worked there from 1/2004 until now

Content I Write