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B2B Copywriter and Consultant - Check my profile for pre-written articles you can purchase and publish today!

About Me

A couple of things I'd like you to know up front. I don't do boring nor do I subscribe to imitation-nation. I take a fresh authentic approach to writing copy that's unique, emotionally charged, and inspires action because...

The right words have incredible power

- Power to attract your ideal audience.

- Power to amplify your brand.

- Power to drive more conversions.

Hi, I'm Lori!

Introverted extrovert and word slingin' copywriter who's obsessed with results.

I'm also a:

- Golfer (thank goodness for handicaps).

- Part-time wife (it's complicated).

- Grandma to two (I spoil them rotten).

- Recovering Dr Pepper addict (the struggle is real).

- Closet poet (shhhh... Don't tell anyone).

- Diehard perfectionist (Type A's unite).

- Award winning writer (that's one thing off my bucket list).

- Down-to-earth Midwesterner (I'm about as real as it gets).

- And... results-driven copywriter who helps clients stand out in the clone-ridden marketplace. 

I help growing businesses with personality filled audience-centric messaging that sets them apart and attracts their target audience.

From web copy, landing pages or blog articles, my mission is to craft result-driven copy to help you realize better results. 

Whether you offer digital products or professional services, powerful copy that conveys your value proposition, attracts clients, and stands out from the competition is key to your business' growth and sustainability. 

As an award-winning writer and successful online business owner with 20+ years of marketing and communication experience, I can help you attract, persuade, and convert readers into customers through carefully crafted copy that's powerful and moves people to action. 

I write content for: 

- Web Copy 

- Landing Pages

- Blog Articles


- Certified in content and email marketing. 

- Inbound specialist.

- Crafted articles for sites that receive over 500K visitors monthly.

- Written sales copy for multi-million dollar B2B brands. 

- 20+ years of marketing and communication experience.


- Proper English and grammar usage. 

- Unique copy and consistent brand messaging. 

- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I don't, just write copy, I help you build your business. 

I can help you spend less time worrying about the right words, and instead focus on managing the parts of your business you love. Let me write your vision.

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

Website Copy

The Company: GMSolutions is a boutique executive search and consulting firm with a global reach that's based in Dubai. The Problem: As their business and the industry evolved they had trouble conveying their client focused approach, industry specialities, and core values. The Solution: Create compelling website copy that conveys their customer focused commitment, core values of honesty and respect for both clients and candidates, and highlights their industry specialities.


Landing Page

The Company: Global TQM is a product sourcing and development consulting firm based in Hong Kong for products manufactured in China. The Problem: Traffic and conversions were lower than expected, and they needed to create more interest around the value their service offered. The Solution: Create attention-grabbing copy that clearly conveys what the companies sample sourcing concierge service is, why it's an important step in sourcing quality products, and the value it offers their clients


Blog Article

The Company: Write Solutions offers content strategy services and educates business owners on how to develop content that will help them grow their business. The Problem: They were looking for additional content for their blog that would provide valuable information to their readers. The Solution: Create a blog post that offered value-packed information, and had a takeaway that readers could implement in their own business.



Professional Writer

I help small businesses transform their messaging to redefine their success. Web copy, landing pages, and consulting for B2B brands who want to stop leaving clients, cash, and opportunities on the table. I hold email, content marketing, and inbound certifications, and have 20+ years of combined marketing and copywriting experience.

Company: Write Word Studios

I worked there from 4/2014 until now

Content I Write