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Content creation agency for B2B brands

About Me

What We Do:

Framewrks Creative is a next-generation content creation agency. We're a team of highly experienced freelance copywriters, SEO experts, and professional editors creating result-driven marketing content for small to mid-sized B2B brands. 

Our unique agency concept allows us to offer content creation services without the traditional agency sticker shock. We are unconventional copywriters and content strategists who love ripping the band-aid off of boring clone-like copy and replacing it with words that strike a nerve and drive conversions. 

Our mission is to help growth-driven brands scale their marketing efforts, conversions, and income with done-for-you marketing copy at affordable rates.

Founder, Lori Smith, is an award winning writer with over 30 years of combined marketing and copywriting experience, with eight years being in the online space - working with brands from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. She's also certified in content, email, and inbound marketing. 

How We Do It:

We collaborate with our clients to bring their brand's story to life by developing compelling narratives throughout their core marketing framework. Our approach to copy development is centered around research and growth with a focus on client success. We accomplish this through thoughtful research, strategic SEO, and conversion-focused messaging.   

Our Services:

Our services include keyword research and competitor analysis by our team of SEO experts and professional proofreading and editing. 

Currently we offer pre-written blog posts/articles available for purchase on topics within the digital marketing, personal finance, technology, SaaS, and cryptocurrency industries.  

At Framewrks Creative, we care about your business as much as you do.

Have questions about our pre-written articles? Contact Lori today! 

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My Writing Samples

Stop Looking for the Secret to Blogging Success

Stop searching for that elusive secret to blogging success. There isn’t one. I don’t want to burst any bubbles, and I’m not here to murder your dreams. Let me make that very clear because building a successful blog is unequivocally possible. The reason most bloggers have trouble getting out of the starting gate is due in part to two deceptive buzzwords—secret sauce.




Next-generation content creation agency for small to mid-sized B2B brands. We are a team of experienced copywriters, SEO experts, and professional editors; offering SEO optimized blog articles, landing/sales pages, email sequences, Facebook ad copy, and sales/marketing funnel copy.

Company: Framewrks Creative

I worked there from 7/2018 until now

Freelance Writer

Freelance writer for B2C and B2B companies; offering web copy, email sequences, blog articles, sales/landing pages, and consulting services.

Company: Write Word Studios

I worked there from 4/2014 until 7/2018

Underwriting Services

Underwriting of new life insurance policies. Developed new medical history interview scripts and maintained relationships with insurance agencies and companies. Handled death claims background investigations. Training of new employees.

Company: Exam One (Quest Diagnostics)

I worked there from 5/1998 until 4/2015

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