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Freelance Digital Content Manager

About Me

You are so busy that you cannot sit down and write about your business. You need to be working in your business, not on your business. Content marketing is an art. You can’t just write about any little ol’ thing that crosses your mind; you need focus and a message that you want to convey to get the right customer, your customer. Spend your valuable time on what you do best and let a pro writer take care of the rest. Writer, Freelance Writer, Ghost Writer Whether you have a lawn service or you are an IT firm, the right words can be found to get your website noticed. No flub here! Have you wanted to write your book? It can be taken care of here as well. It’s your lifelong dream so don’t put it off a moment more. Who is Valerie the Writer? Great question! Valerie Rivera has a Masters in Business Administration. She also has several years as a freelance writer and graphic designer under her belt. She has helped companies change their product descriptions to bland to WOW. AND… she has over nine years of sales and operations experience in an apparel manufacturing environment. Her expertise and passion for writing will impress you. (Not to mention she’s bilingual in Spanish) Still not sure? It’s okay… it’s not every day you trust your business to someone else. Give Valerie a chance. Contact her for a writing test today. What do you have to lose? Just sometimes. And if you love her (because we know you will), you will be in for a beautiful partnership.

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My Writing Samples

5 Reasons Why Dashboards Throw Spreadsheets out the “Windows”

Ghostwriter for iDashboards, a BI solution that brings all your company's data into one place. This particular blog touches on how dashboards can simplify reporting by combining your data sources into one place


Why Video Production Services are Must Have at your next Orlando Convention

Orlando is one of the top 5 cities for conventions. Tons of companies and probably need video production services to promote their stay. This SEO coded blog discusses the benefits of using local video production companies.


What is B-Roll

Web content for an Orlando Based production company


Creating a personal customer experience with Big Data

Companies utilize Big Data to improve their customer service efforts. This blog discusses collecting and analyzing data in order to maximize the best possible customer experience.


Millennials "We can do it ourselves"

This white paper was written and created in inDesign by the author. It is a look at the Millennial generation and their outlook on their personal and professional lives.


The Intermediate Guide to Construction Types

For construction novices, all of the new lingo can get a little overwhelming. This is a short guide to common construction types.


Take Control of Invasive Plants Before they Take Over Our Florida Ponds

Invasive plants can be a nuisance, especially in the Florida waterways. This blog is a guide on what to look out for and whether removal requires permitting.


My Eola Law Group

Completed all of the web copy for this injury law website.


How to Maintain Your Positive Displacement Blower

Information blog about Positive Displacement Blowers. Without taking good care, you will end up with costly repairs. Here are some tips to maintain your positive displacement blower.



Freelance Content Manager

Extensive experience with writing, editing, and content development Diverse writing portfolio, from magazine articles to online retail copy. Management experience in operations for a high volume screen printing facility Utilized HTML and WordPress to adjust websites for the optimal customer experience Samples can be found at http://valeriewrites.com

Company: ValerieWrites.com

I worked there from 1/2011 until now

Content Manager

-Licensed Life Insurance Representative with a specialty in Life Settlements -Manage content on Wordpress website -Optimize content for SEO -Promote organization utilizing social media -Manage sales collateral

Company: Trust Life Settlements

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Marketing Manager

-Manage Wordpress Website -Create marketing collateral for sales -Manage art files -Promote company by utilizing social media and SEO

Company: Birchmier Construction, Inc.

I worked there from 8/2016 until now

Operations Specialist

The Operations Specialist works closely with our Branch Manager and the Fleet Manager, other operations team members as well as the sales team and a vendor base to learn foundations of our business in many areas including: Operating systems, Asset management and logistics, Budgetary controls, Repair & service management

Company: ModSpace

I worked there from 11/2015 until 10/2016

Product Developer

High volume screen printing company located in Orlando, Florida who caters to hospitality clients such as SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Walt Disney World Resort. While employed at ScreenWorks, managed operations with a staff of 15 people, handled several portfolios including SeaWorld Parks at $2 million, and implemented training.

Company: ScreenWorks USA

I worked there from 2/2007 until 5/2015

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