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Specializing in Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Automation and Fintech

About Me

Celan Bryant is a financial writer and consultant. She has an MBA and over 15 years of experience. Her career began in investment banking and migrated to corporate finance after completing a fellowship at Harvard University. Today, she specializes in sustainable business models, cash flow and working capital solutions. Celan has worked with/for GE Medical Systems, FreddieMac, CitiGroup, SunTrust Bank, JPMorgan, Harvard University and Intel. Her current clients include media organizations in all facets of business, from eCommerce and real estate to non-profits.

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My Writing Samples

Bitcoin Valuation: $4 Million

Cryptocurrencies are the world's fastest-growing asset class and bitcoin is the front-runner. There are many different ways to value an asset, but few provide a model that fits bitcoin's profile. How do you value the best and the first of something?As a value proposition, bitcoin represents a store of value, a peer-to-peer payment system, a digital currency, an off-shore banking account, and a payment processor (back- and front-end).


John McAfee is The "Jim Cramer" of The Cryptocurrency World - [UPDATE: McAfee Was HACKED]

John McAfee, the founder of McAfee security software, is a big believer in Bitcoin. In fact, he's committed to eating his own "manhood" if the cryptocurrency fails to reach $1 million by 2020. Personally, I think Bitcoin has the potential to go to $4 million (as I explain here) so this shouldn't be an issue.


Can Digital Currency (Bitcoin / M-Pesa) Wipe Out World-Wide Corruption & Poverty?

I often hear about all the alleged "criminal behavior" Bitcoin supports. I think it's important to discuss Bitcoin's potential to reduce criminal behavior as well.



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I write interesting and informative content for some of the best brands in the world.

Company: Various Companies including Amazon, Apruve, Investopedia, SeekingAlpha, Intuit and Others

I worked there from 1/2005 until now

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