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Conscious Marketing and Web Development Executive

About Me

Global action and awareness through innovative conscious marketing tactics. Insanely creative and effective cross-channel marketing campaigns. Full scale web, video game, and community production, from conception through execution. These are my work superpowers. I use my 20 years+ experience producing and marketing social networks, video games, mobile content, eCommerce sites, and online communities to make a positive impact. In my early years I produced the first ever online subscription site for Disney. Now I use my well earned expertise to help forward thinking brands reach their worldwide demographics. Especially as they align with the greater good. My proverbial bag of digital tricks includes: * Content marketing * Influencer marketing * Lead generation * SEO and SEM * All facets of web production: Websites, communities, social networks, and eCommerce sites et al * Mobile development * Video game design and development * Product and project management * Cross-disciplinary team management * Client relations * Social media * C-level consulting If you need help creating a digital presence and massive brand awareness through modern tactics and tools, I'd be honored to assist.

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Voice Search: The Next Evolution in SEO

As voice activated personal assistants continue to proliferate digital technology and people’s daily lives, folks are realizing that searching in this manner is faster and easier than typing in queries; especially on mobile devices.


Ayahuasca - Should You Drink Alone?

Exploring the complicated world of solo Ayahuasca work



VP Content and Communications

Lead project and product management for dynamic digital marketing agency, with an expertise in influencer marketing. Responsible for high profile B2C and B2B clients, executing complex marketing campaigns that encompass lead gen, email marketing, social media, and all manner of digital channels. Also chief content creator, and manage the entire virtual team.

Company: Evolve!, Inc

I worked there from 2/2014 until now


Founded digital arm of Rivet, which was traditionally a video-focused company. Lead all aspects of online production. Manage a virtual, global team tasked to create stellar, innovative, genre-changing content for kids of all ages. Projects include everything from MMO's (ZuCamp) to social/casual/mobile games (Groundswell) to social networks (CMConnect) to a groundbreaking faith-based portal (GodWorld). Manage creative services, engineering, design, QA, customer support, marketing and editorial team members, as well as draft all documentation for marketing strategies, product plans, SCRUM backlogs, customer support guidelines, and all related texts.

Company: Rivet Production and Design

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

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