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Content & Community Manager at Fieldboom

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SEO & Content Marketing Consultant

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction With Hard and Soft Data

Did you know satisfying your customers is an important part of running a business? Of course you do. Here's how to measure their satisfaction.


Reddit Marketing Guide to Driving Targeted Traffic

Redditors hate marketers, but if you play your cards right, you can still use it to drive tons of blog traffic. Start with this Reddit marketing guide.


13 Steps to Live Stream Video the Smart Way

How to make your live-stream video a great experience for your viewers and your brand.


5 Ways to Turn Your Unhappy Customer into a Valuable Resource

Each dissatisfied contact has the potential for becoming your company’s best advertisement, a key referral source, and a stealth undercover operative – if you are willing to listen.


Using Big Data to Sell to Individuals Instead of Stereotypes

The problem is that no two people are actually the same, let alone a whole group of them. However usually they’re similar enough that you can get away with grouping them together with decent results. But what if you actually had the ability to sell to an individual person based on their exact circumstances?"


How Big Data Can Boost Your Customer Service Efforts

Big Data can help businesses learn more about their own staff. Is a certain employee slacking when it comes to taking service calls, leaving others to do all the work?


Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Solution

The evolution of business is accelerating exponentially. In order for a company to thrive, they need to exercise a certain amount of business intelligence. This concept includes a group of ideas, functions and tools that incorporate wise decision making within the modern technological landscape. Understanding the role B.I. plays in the future of business is vital to fostering healthy growth. The correct tool should fit the company like a glove. It must be, amongst other things, adaptable, scalable, secure, affordable, and have the ability to report on a multitude of business trends. It should inform of business practices and identify opportunities that allow the end user to make educated decisions.


How to Turn Your Industry Expertise Into More Sales on Reddit and Quora

Article for BigCommerce that highlights how eCommerce owners can start using Reddit and Quora to generate a massive amount of traffic and sales.


Why Omnichannel is the Future of Customer Interactions [And How You Can Get Started]

Omnichannel is more than just a buzzword in marketing, e-commerce, and customer support. It’s the future of engaging with your customers and working them through your funnel the smart way.


Enhance Your Customer Journey in 4 Steps

Blog post for Marketo that discusses how to improve conversation rates for your marketing efforts by exploring the fundamental messaging guidelines based on the four stages of the customer journey.



Outreach & Content Marketing Manager

Develop content calendar, write blog posts, help with outreach to share + link back to content as well as for guest posting opportunities

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