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EU journalist and digital rights expert, currently on the lookout for more freelance gigs

About Me

I’ve been a journalist for nearly 20 years (ouch that makes me sound old — let's just say I started young). For the last 8+ I have specialised in EU technology and security policy. I’ve written for some of the biggest names in the business, ArsTechnica, ComputerWeekly, Politico, Macworld, TechHive, PCworld, CIO, and The Register, as well as non-specialist publications.
I have been working primarily as a reporter for the past few years, but have solid experience as a commissioning editor and running a team, both for my own company, business to business organisations, and a national daily paper — although small, Malta is still, technically, a nation ;-) 
I also do a lot of video and live events which means I know many of the movers and shakers in the European tech scene.
I don't do "churnalism" (ghastly term, ghastly results), but I do do great, tailored copy for discerning clients.

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Jennifer specialises in EU policy and legislation in the tech sector—from data protection and privacy to trade agreements; antitrust cases to copyright law; national security to public transparency.



As well as an address book packed with insider sources in Brussels, Jennifer likes good books and bad films, especially those featuring aliens, swords and time travel - preferably all three.


The Register

She also writes for privacy trade body IAPP, Tech.eu, and many others. Jennifer is skilled at translating EU policy-speak into understandable English.



Jennifer Baker reports on the European Union: Commission, Parliament, technology policy, regulation, and competition.


International Politics and Society Journal

After 8+ years in Brussels, Jennifer knows what makes the city tick and can as quickly report on Brexit fallout as killer drones.


The Privacy Advisor

When not being a go-getting reporter™ she is passionate about digital rights, in particular the right to privacy as well as freedom of expression.



EU policy reporter

I am steeped in EU policy issues, covering everything from competition law to the migration crisis. Although specialised in digital, security and tech issues including data protection, copyright and telecoms law, I cover all EU news, and regularly write for ArsTechnica UK, Politico Europe, ComputerWeekly, IAPP, Eureka, and NewEurope. I also present live coverage of breaking EU news for BBC Radio Wales as well as NewsTalk ZB, BBC 5 Live, India Today and FSN, most recently reporting extensively on the Brussels terror attacks and the Brexit referendum.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

Conference moderator

Moderator for hire. My presentation and interviewing skills come together to make for lively discussions and engagement with the audience. I have covered topics as diverse as migration housing crises and over-fishing in Thailand. To book me for an event, please email BrusselsGeek@gmail.com. Past clients: European Commission (Digital Agenda Assembly), DG CONNECT, European Parliament (2014 DG ITEC Congress & events for S&D group, Greens, ECR), IAPP (Global Privacy Summit), EDRi, GSMA, EU40, APCO, ForumEurope, Microsoft, WWF (World Wildlife Federation Austria), Housing Europe, EuroCities and more.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 1/2013 until now

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