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B2B Tech, Business, and Engineering Writer With SaaS and Startup Experience

About Me

I'm a talented content writer, experienced in writing B2B and B2C content in the engineering, IT, business, and tech niches. Much of my work is focused on SaaS, AI, services like VPS and containers, IT Ops AIOps, machine vision, and industrial automation. 

I can write B2B content at all levels, and tailored to any audience, regardless of how tech-savvy. I can offer top quality content tailored for any audiencce, regardless of how tech-savvy they are. 

Please check out my Online Portfolio, Upwork Profile, Linkedin Profile, and electrical and electronics engineering byline at Electronics Point for some examples of what I can do.

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My Writing Samples

Online Portfolio from Web Wordmith Site

A selection of some of my digital marketing and tech writing.


GiveCourses.com Website

I designed, built, and wrote all of the content for GiveCoruses.com


Author Page for my opinion pieces and component reviews at Electronics Point

Electrical and electronics engineering publication I write for regularly.



Managing Director

Web design, copywriting, Organic SEO, article writing, WordPress design.

Company: Web Wordsmith

I worked there from 6/2011 until now

Freelance Content Writer

Writing, copy writing, seo targeted content, technical writing, journalism

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 1/2013 until now

Business Partner

Working with our education and training expert, Bette Gray-Fow, we are essentially 'ghost trainers'. If you want to add a training course to the services that your business provides,WE'll help you with everything except actually giving the course (you do that!). Everything from strategy and working out what to teach, to finding venues and how much to charge - we can help you with it all. Our main focus is on creating the training materials themselves.

Company: GiveCourses.com

I worked there from 3/2017 until now

Freelance Content Writer

I'm a talented B2B tech, IT, business and engineering writer with a fast learning curve, quick turn around times, and expemplary research skills.

Company: Self Emplyed

I worked there from 6/2012 until now

Content I Write