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Law – at the intersection of sustainability, finance, and culture.

About Me

Writer focusing on content for licensed professionals. Top legal writer on nDash https://www.ndash.com/blog/legal-writer

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Interested in helping people do good and cultivate a better worldwide web.

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Law & Politics



My Writing Samples

nDash Blog: Seeking Exceptional Legal Content for Your Website?

Law offices obtain substantial benefits when legal professionals write their website content. Licensed lawyers and certified legal professionals have completed legal writing courses. Yet for us, engaging isn’t just a cliché. To quote the legal linguist William C. Burton: A sentence should never be cruel and unusual.


What Is a Pronoun? A Beginner’s Guide to Inclusive Language

What's all the fuss about pronouns? Society is making space for people to offer their own definitions of who they are — not who others decide they are. Whether you’re part of the LGBTQI+ community, gender-questioning, or an ally, it’s essential to know why pronouns matter. New in July 2022, for ASK.com.


Article: Professional Corporation vs. LLC

How do professionals best choose between forming a professional corporation or a limited liability company? Lee Hall explains, on behalf of LEGALZOOM.


Blog: Less Pollution. Better Transit Access. The Transportation and Climate Initiative Is Coming...

The Transport & Climate initiative goes into effect in DC in 2022, with actual caps on filling stations. Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia have expressed their support and should join soon. To deal with climate disruption, we need everyone on board with ideas for change. The latest from Lee at THE DC VOICE.


Webpage: How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Business Name?

Should a business register a name with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office? If so, is it affordable? Lee Hall answers, for LEGALZOOM.


Blog: The Privacy Threat in Facial Recognition Technology

What are the race and constitutional implications of facial recognition technology? Read Lee Hall's work in The DC Voice.


Webpage: How to Start a Nonprofit Foundation

The IRS deems a foundation the default form of charitable entities. Lee Hall outlines the process of forming a foundation for LEGALZOOM.


Blog: On Charity, Dignity, and Economic Justice

In this article just published in THE DC VOICE, Lee Hall explores Chadwick Boseman's artistic gift, and how economic justice could bring similar talent to light.


Blog: The Plight of Small D.C. Businesses, and the Call to Action

Lee Hall writes an update for THE DC VOICE on DC small businesses in the summer of Covid-19.


Blog: Coping With COVID-19

Lee Hall writes for THE DC VOICE, observing that this coronavirus emergency is teaching us to prepare for the next one. Resilience in the face of new realities, including climate change, requires empathetic responses.


Blog: DC Takes the Minimum Wage Lead in 2020

On behalf of THE DC VOICE, Lee reviews the capital city's trendsetting wage law reform.


Webpage: How to Update Wills

One of the most common questions a lawyer is asked is: "How do I update my will?" Lee Hall, writing for LEGALZOOM, offers guidance.


Blog: Food Stamps Cut Challenged in DC Court

Will this ongoing face-off between multiple states and the Trump administration save SNAP? Lee covers the topic for THE DC VOICE.


Blog: Paid Family Leave Is Coming

For THE DC VOICE, Lee writes on the increasingly urgent issue of medical leave.


Blog: Algorithmic Discrimination

Machine learning applied to social media opens new pathways for health privacy breaches, financial manipulation, and discrimination. Lee Hall discusses the legal implications in The DC Voice.


Newsletter Article: Bankruptcy Case Summary

CASE REVIEW: How Bad Faith Can Lead a Bankruptcy Court to Dismiss a Filing is a case synopsis for a real estate newsletter.


Online Magazine Article: Rethinking Deer Control in Chester County, PA

Evolution now depends heavily on suburban bio-communities. To change states' management approaches, people in suburbs must become engaged.


Article: Legal Issues in Raffles for Nonprofits

Raffles are popular fundraising ideas, at events and online. But are they unlawful gambling? Lee Hall answers, for the LEGALZOOM audience.


Article: Taking a Divorced Spouse Off a House Title

The court order is not a legal transfer of the asset. Here are the steps that must be taken, Lee Hall explains for LEGALZOOM online legal services.


Article: How to Prepare Bylaws for a Church Nonprofit

Lee Hall lays out the legally required steps for creating a religious entity's governance rules, on behalf of LEGALZOOM.


Article: How to File for a U.S. Patent (Including Fee Waivers)

Lee Hall, for LEGALZOOM, offers a brief how-to guide, and explains when a patent can be obtained at no charge to the filer.


Article: Attorney Needed When Starting Up a Nonprofit

Lee Hall, for LEGALZOOM, explains the legal process of forming a nonprofit startup.


Op-ed: A Personal Description of the Adjunct Crisis

Lee Hall's piece on the adjunct crisis in higher education appeared in The Guardian, one of the world's top three most read online newspapers.


Blog: Native Gardening in Small Spaces

Welcome, Spring! For The DC Voice. Lee writes about rethinking lawns and gardens in urban landscapes.


Newsletter Article: Cooperating with Coyotes

Urban coyotes are a new fact of life in the mid-Atlantic region. This piece ran in The Shuttle, a local newsletter published by Philadelphia grocery co-op Weaver's Way.


Blog: India as an Emerging Blockchain Powerhouse

Cryptocurrency could prevent fraud and create vital new income channels. Consider the potential in India, whose people initiate one in every 10 bitcoin transactions.


Blog: Sample Content for a Dental Office

Where law and medicine intersect, knowledge of HIPAA or the ADA Ethics code is vital. That doesn't rule out fun, reader-friendly pieces like this one, on eating with dental health in mind.


Could DC Statehood Finally Happen?

With Biden and Harris now in office, what is the status of DC statehood? Lee discusses the current mood and legal initiatives for THE DC VOICE.




Lawyer: active standing since 2000. Practice areas: legal services, nonprofits, environmental, immigration.

Company: Maryland Bar

I worked there from 5/2000 until now


Elegant content writing for innovators and licensed professionals.

Company: ContentElf.com

I worked there from 9/2017 until now


Researcher-author for the Encyclopedia of UN Sustainability Goals. This is the largest peer-reviewed project ever undertaken on the subject. Lee's contribution is published in Vol. 12, Responsible Consumption and Production.

Company: Springer Nature

I worked there from 5/2018 until now

Adjunct Professor of Law

Courses developed and taught: Environmental Law; Business Organizations; Ethics; Contracts; White-Collar Crime.

Company: Widener University - Delaware Law

I worked there from 5/2014 until 11/2017

Adjunct Professor of Law

Course developed and taught: Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy. Co-taught Animal Law seminar. Judge for the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Company: Rutgers-Newark

I worked there from 8/2001 until 5/2004

Content I Write


A smart, engaging writer

Lee Hall is a gifted writer with a clear, concise and engaging writing style that makes you want to keep reading. Lee is also smart and a terrific educator who dives deeply into a topic, exploring it fully -- leaving the reader wanting more.

Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants

High caliber content that's a pleasure to read

I have worked with Lee Hall on several projects and the results are always the highest quality content that's thorough and a pleasure to read. Lee turns a brain dump into pure gold. Often times I've given a mishmash of ideas and bulleted items to be included in a piece and receive elegant, professional and informative content in return. No matter the topic or industry, Lee does the research and delivers thoughtful content that surprises and delights me every time.

Lydia Grossov, Expresso Design