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Freelance Writer - Insurance Licensed

About Me

Versatile Content Writer / Copywriter - Insurance Licensed

"Eric is an amazing writer. We will be working with him again."

"Eric's industry knowledge, willingness to do research, and high-quality work were so impressive! His communication was timely and clear and he delivered above and beyond our expectations before our deadline. We will definitely be reaching out to Eric for our next job."

"As usual, a superb work from Eric!"


Your website needs useful and actionable content, the kind of writing that adds value to your business and builds repeat traffic. I can write that content for you.

I offer over ten years of website content writing, copywriting, and on-page SEO experience, beginning with a high-traffic website in the insurance lead generation niche and then expanding to write for other websites.

Much of my writing has been on insurance and personal finance topics, but I've written on numerous diverse topics including:

I research my topics thoroughly, taking ownership and always looking for the best way to connect with readers, both to educate and to communicate your message.

Your readers came to you for in-depth answers and actionable solutions; I'll provide those answers and solutions.

I look forward to working with you.


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My Writing Samples

The Beginner’s Guide To Personal Insurance

An easy-to-understand guide to personal insurance which explains complicated details with simple language and relatable examples. Over 7,000 words in length, this comprehensive guide leaves few stones unturned, covering the concerns most common to insurance buyers.


Making Sense Of Honda’s Sensing® Safety Features

Honda’s high-tech answer to modern, mobile mayhem is a suite of safety features and driver-assistive technologies, collectively named Honda Sensing®. Designed with sensors, alerts, and displays to keep us from bumping into cars or objects in front, behind, or on either side, Honda Sensing has all the angles covered.


What Is Term Life Insurance And How Does It Work?

With so many types and variants of life insurance available, life insurance can be a complicated topic. Fortunately, term life insurance is easy to understand, and in most cases, term life insurance is the right choice to meet the needs of many families. What is Term Life Insurance? Term life insurance is income replacement — with a time limit.


5 Running Tips For Absolute Beginners

As children, we ran everywhere we went. We didn’t need a reason to run and there wasn’t much benefit in getting to where we were going faster. Running was just fun, magically able to transform the mundane into grand adventure. Once we’ve grown up and left the running habit behind us, getting started with running again can be an uphill battle.Here are 5 running tips for beginners to get you over that first hill and beyond.


11 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Freelance Writer

Your business might not rescue damsels in distress or save the world from aliens like Superman does, but businesses can live or die on first impressions.Second impressions count too. Actually, everything that has your business name on it reflects on your business and yes, your customers are noticing. What your customers and prospects really need to know is why it matters to them, whatever “it” might be. Let a writer explain it.




Online Marketing, LLC utilizes premium domain brands for marketing in-house & affiliate opportunities, as well as performing business website development including content marketing and copywriting.

Company: Online Marketing, LLC

I worked there from 12/2000 until now

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