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Freelance Content Marketing Writer | Author | Book Editor | Feature Writer

About Me

Words win hearts and minds. Your business or your book needs to set its story straight (or appealingly crooked, if need be) to gain the higher ground of your audience. Let me help.

Writing and Editorial Background

Writing: Professional writer for many years, with experience in business copywriting/content marketing (B2B & B2C), magazine and newspaper writing. Author of two consumer business books and hundreds of freelance articles, from travel pieces to personal essays to straight journalism. Broad experience with publication planning/management and large document organization.

Editing: Editor of 100+ nonfiction books, both technical, business and consumer. Edited 10 novels. Editor of broad range of marketing and technical communications. Experienced in copyediting, content editing and proofreading.

Specialties: Writing and editing marketing and technical information for B2B and B2C companies; editing book-length documents, both nonfiction and fiction. Interviewing and profile writing.

Writing/editing skills:

• storytelling content/feature articles

• content marketing • web content

• newsletters • corporate blogging/newsletters

• lead-gen ebooks/guides

• case studies

• fiction/nonfiction book editing

• ghostwriting

• the full range of marketing copy

• Author of "Think Like a Writer: How to Write the Stories You See" (The Write Word, 2015), which supplies tools to find and cultivate your writer's voice, that unique combination of attributes—sensitivity to language, storytelling and audience—by which writers see and define the world. And it's funny too.

• Published journalist, essayist, travel writer, novelist and short story writer.

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Industries I Write About


Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

How to Choose a Content Marketing Provider (Hint: You Can’t Just Order Off a Menu)

The complexities and benefits behind choosing the right content marketing provider for your business


Global Marketing Anatomy: It Takes a Delicate Design to Make Content Shine

How to assemble vibrant, communicative and effective marketing teams across a global organization​


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Script for Chris Guillebeau's Side Hustle School on an enterprising woman who delivers and assembles IKEA furniture across her state


Storytelling: Using the Moth to Turn to the Light

How using the creative storytelling methods of The Moth radio program can help any business to enchant their customers


Improve Your Freelancer’s Money Attitude and Make Bank

Having an insightful, reasonable attitude about saving​ and spending money can help your freelancing tremendously


Wired for Story: Empathy and the New Brand Storytelling with Tom Gerace

How storytelling can viscerally engage customers and make your brand stand out


Freelancer Downtime Can Turn Lost Hours Into Productive Ones

Lousy planning or unexpected developments can find freelancers in between projects, in a dormant lull state. But there are ways to make the most of that downtime—or prevent it from happening.


How Virtual Assistants Can Help You Increase Your Productivity

Sending invoices, managing your tweets and having to go mail a package when you could finish a project might not be the best way to spend your business hours. Get a virtual assistant and get much more real work done.




I can give your organization the dynamic language, slant and tone to sell your products, inform your customers, or pitch your ideas with a compelling curve. Whether you need a broad new campaign, major rewrites of existing publications, or just a careful editing eye to give old documents new life, I can keep your message on target, on time and within budget.

Company: The Write Word Writing and Editing Services

I worked there from 8/1996 until now

Content I Write