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Freelance Editor Offering Book Reviewing Services

About Me

Rebecca holds a master’s in German and a bachelor’s in Creative Writing. Best expressing herself through the written word, she enjoys the smell of burning rubber and can recite the ABC’s of the automotive world upon command. Rebecca hopes to shift your world perspective through her words, because looking out the same window every day hardly makes for an interesting life. Rebecca currently invites new opportunities in the writing and editing industry. You can find more information about proofreading, editing, and beta reading services at www.thekreativspace.wordpress.com.

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OK, Google: What’s an “expert”?

You’ll find them in the court room, on TV, in magazines, and more often than not, on the receiving end of your (hefty) check. Some of them are pressed and polished, presenting a perfect picture of professionalism achieved only by those willing to spend the time, while others might be mistaken for an eccentric vagabond, mysterious and yet intriguing in their strange ways. Did you say “experts”?



Book Reviewer

Contributing book reviewer at OnlineBookClub.org.

Company: OnlineBookClub.org

I worked there from 3/2017 until now

Staff Writer

As a Staff Writer, I contribute monthly to the Newfound blog, where topics ranging from writing and book reviews, to discussions of writing and place occur. Newfound prides itself on staff who take writing seriously, but at the same time care about it enough to thoughtfully consider its various aspects. You can read more about Newfound, and find my blog articles, here: https://newfound.org/blog/

Company: Newfound Journal

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Lead Automotive Detail Specialist and Marketing and Social Media Manager

Responsibilities include: A 20% increase in revenue through efficient, quality detailing; supervising, coaching, and acting as mentor to other employees; High rate of efficiency and time-management in detailing customer cars above and beyond company standards; Consistently providing customer satisfaction through efforts in detailing interior and exterior of cars, including explaining and answering questions about the detail process as well as scheduling and administrative duties; Demonstrating proficiency in using chemical and other cleaning solvents, as well as industry techniques in removing scratches and other debris from the interior and exterior of the car and polishing and restoring paint to near-new state; Cultivating and maintaining partnerships with vendors in the ordering and inventorying of supplies necessary for detailing procedures. Management and marketing through the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts, including posting specials on a consistent basis, showcasing detail efforts in before and after pictures of customer cars, and creating, developing, and employing marketing strategies implemented to drive sales and increase customer base; Various duties, including sales, receptionist, and other odd tasks as needed.

Company: Details Plus Auto Salon

I worked there from 9/2012 until now

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