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Construction & Real Estate Writer, Storyteller, Ghostwriter

About Me

Gael Gilliland is the founder of The Legacy Recorder which helps every person tell their life story in a simple, intentional way for future generations to cherish. She is actively working with corporations, non-profits, and senior care facilities to help as many people as she can in recording their legacy. She also published The Legacy Recorder Community Guide so that individuals and families can get started on their legacy today.

In addition to The Legacy Recorder, Gael has been a freelance writer for over ten years. She’s worked with businesses and individuals to help them create clear and effective writing. Her projects include several full length books, articles, and social media content for full calendar years.

Gael is fortunate to work with her lifelong passion. From a young age, Gael had the desire to master the written word and help people tell their stories. Her own life experiences in college, motherhood, marriage, and loss have fueled her own story and given it a colorful arc of ups and downs, of losing and finding herself, and of discovering the beauty in every person’s story.  This is why she has made it her mission to get those stories down on paper before those stories fade.

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Legacy Recorder Community Guide

Self-published book available in print in Hallmark stores and online as an ebook on Amazon. The Legacy Recorder Community Guide is here to give you the opportunity to work with your family to write down their stories. Using simple storytelling methods, families can work together to capture their stories. Regardless of age, everyone has something to contribute. This guide contains the information and tools necessary to support you in your storytelling journey.


goodgrief app – a resource for loss and grief

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Capturing the story of a lifetime one page at a time. We are on a mission to inspire people to start writing their stories. Young or old, right now is the best time to start. You may have heard of StoryCorps, the cool box that recorded your oral story live. We are taking the written route and compiling memories into memoir-like books. These books are meant for personal consumption. The Legacy Recorder is working with families and elders to write down their stories before the memories are lost. We offer a free guide to get you started. We continue to support your efforts at home with guidance and advice. If at anytime you would like to have one on one support, feel free to contact us. We have a full-length book in the works complete with companion workbooks. There are volunteers and families all over the nation working with elders to record their stories. We hope to provide a valuable resource to aid them in their efforts and support system to further the mission. If you would like to know more about the project, visit us here http://bit.ly/RecordYourLegacy. Think you are ready to start on your own? We offer free resources and support http://bit.ly/RYLSG

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Currently, I am working with clients to improve their copy both online and offline. I work with businesses to create compelling web copy, blogs, and more. With strategy, execution plans, and consistent implementation we will grow your online presence and real-world impact. I specialize in the construction and real estate industries. I enjoy working with small businesses, non-profits, and mid-size businesses. Every company should have the opportunity to get into the 21st Century and make the most of the online world without sacrificing their community connection.

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