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SEO Copywriter and White Paper Writer

About Me

My role as a freelance copywriter is not just about writing website content, case studies or white papers. It's about finding the right words and crafting them in such a way that the right audience gets the right message. Your message.

It's about connecting your business with your customers and stakeholders.  

Like all other organizations, yours has to communicate in writing, either on screen or on paper. However, it may lack the in-house skills to do that effectively. That's where I step in.

I'll help you connect with your target audience by creating persuasive marketing material, readable website content and professional business documents.

Think of me as your business connector.

What does it take to connect with your consumers?

Generating web traffic and converting leads into customers are top marketing challenges for today’s companies, no matter their size or shape. B2B content that is original, relevant, honest and well-written is essential in meeting that goal.

Rise to the challenge by hiring me to support your marketing team in its content marketing efforts.

I can help your business:

• develop a relationship with your audience before they realize they need your product or service by writing high-quality, relevant articles that consumers actually want to read

• maintain a visible online presence, boost your Google rankings and push consumers along the path of purchase by crafting engaging content that incorporates keyword phrases and SEO good practices

• create value-added lead generation tools in the form of well-researched, well-written white papers that showcase your company as an industry leader

Ask me to help you communicate effectively with your target group, so you can meet your marketing goals. You can check out my website at www.write-for-business.com.

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

Website content for aviation engineering firm

TASK: To write fresh content for a new responsive website. TARGET AUDIENCE: Air freight carriers, global logistic providers, airline companies, and aircraft manufacturers. COMMENTS: VRR Aviation is a specialist manufacturer in the aviation transport industry. It wanted a website that demonstrates its ability to meet a client's unique logistical needs and the stringent requirements of the world’s airlines and aircraft. It also had to be easy to navigate by customers, despite the complexity of VRR's business. This project, which was assigned to me by copywriting bureau Tekstschrijvers.nl, was all about co-creation. I worked closely with VRR's Business Development Manager over several months to draw out his ideas and the company's value propositions. Together, we developed our concepts into a user-friendly website that truly focuses on the customers' experience.


Website content for a cremation provider

TASK: To write easy-to-navigate content for a newly created website. TARGET AUDIENCE: Local families looking to arrange a cremation when they've lost a loved one or individual arranging their own funeral in advance. COMMENTS: CSPA provides direct cremations that can be arranged online. The company wanted a website that demonstrates it is a locally-owned, trusted provider of dignified cremations at affordable prices. The content had to be easy to navigate by customers, who were likely to be distressed and overwhelmed when visiting the website. Therefore, I made sure the text was accessible to all and the tone open and respectful. This project was awarded to me by The Gold Square, a website development company that serves the funeral industry. Together, we have created sites for several end-of-life providers.


Product Flyer for a big-four accounting firm

TASK: To create five 2-page flyers of A4 size outlining the tax data analytical services of Deloitte Netherlands. TARGET AUDIENCE: Accountants, financial controllers, tax specialists and non-professionals working in a financial setting. COMMENTS: Deloitte wanted commercial flyers for five very different tax data analytical services. Each flyer had to stress the uniqueness and the concrete benefits of each service, the deliverables and the process, the reason for choosing Deloitte and a call to action. Although the flyers were aimed at other professionals in the sector, the descriptions had to be in layman’s terms for non-professionals. Background information for each service was provided by Deloitte practitioners. The copywriting process included desktop research, telephone interviews and two review rounds. My accounting background was considered indispensable in this project because I had a proper understanding of Deloittes' systems and their benefits.


Corporate Brochure for a maritime service company

TASK: To create an 8-page brochure to hand out at sales presentations and trade fairs. TARGET AUDIENCE: Prospective and existing clients, in particular technical and procurement staff (the decision makers) of off-shore rigs and platforms and on-shore installations in the marine sector. COMMENTS: Rentokil Initial Specialist Hygiene wanted to re-position itself in the marine sector. It also needed to strengthen its identity in the Rentokil group and reassure prospects that it is big enough and capable enough of doing the job despite the demanding conditions found at off-shore oil rigs and on-shore installations. This corporate brochure, assigned by copywriting bureau Tekstschrijvers.nl, shows the company's full range of services and highlights its values and USPs. It is now distributed to prospective and existing customers at corporate presentations, sales pitches and trade fairs.


Service flyers for a global logistics group

TASK: To create ten two-page flyers of A4 size for a range of services provided by a logistics company based in the Port of Rotterdam. TARGET AUDIENCE: Global shipping companies, freight forwarders, users of warehousing & distribution services, and users of parts, steel & special chemical logistics. COMMENTS: This full-service logistics group, based in Rotterdam, generates around €200 million a year by meeting the complex logistical needs of onshore and offshore companies around the world. In 2015, Broekman carried out a rebranding exercise. Part of that process included renewing their leaflets, which were outdated and focused on the company rather than the customer. I was asked to write ten explanatory leaflets promoting the benefits of each of the group’s services. Before writing, I interviewed around twelve employees on site to gain a broad understanding of activities, benefits and key customers. This knowledge helped produce leaflets that answer all the questions potential customers may have and that encourage them to contact the company.


Marketing flyer for a logistics trade fair

TASK: To create a two-page flyer for the province of North Brabant, which was attending a logistics fair in China. TARGET AUDIENCE: Foreign companies looking for a logistics hub in Europe and potential investors in the municipality's wide range of logistical services. COMMENTS: This project was for the municipality of North Brabant, one of twelve provinces in the Netherlands. The municipality needed a journalistic flyer for its stand at Transport Logistic China 2014. The flyer had to set the region’s services in a global context and include the major reasons for using Brabant as a logistic hub. The strong headline raises initial interest, while each section of Brabant's logistic story supports the municipality's claim that the province is the perfect location to transport freight across Europe. The trade mission to China turned out to be a great success, and the province made many new contacts.


Marketing email for a manufacturer

TASK: To write an email that encourages the recipient to visit an exhibit and see their newly launched product. TARGET AUDIENCE: Independent restaurant owners and owners/managers of family restaurants competing with brand-name chain restaurants. COMMENTS: Chili-o-Matic is a manufacturer of freezers, coolers and other related equipment. After launching a new product called the LBJ Cooler, it wanted to inform its target market: independent restaurant owners. The aim of the email was to encourage restaurant owners to visit an upcoming exhibit and see the new product for themselves. A 15% discount coupon was being offered, but to claim it the recipient had to click on the link int he email, go to a landing page to sign up. They could then collect the coupon from the exhibit. The writing had to be clear, tight and persuasive. I decided to use the Prospect > Position > Provide > Prove > Propel formula for this direct pitch email.


Industry Insight Articles

Accessible guides to common issues in the e-payment industry, written for a technical company that provides payment, paylink and reload services. Note that the client has called these white papers, against my advice.


Blog post

Title: Automated voice reminders vs. call centre agents: who wins? Written for a software company that provides automated reminder services.


White paper for training firm

Sample of a white paper that showcases the client’s market knowledge so it could generate leads for its unique networking approach. Scroll to bottom of web page and download pdf file.



Freelance Copywriter

Providing copywriting services to businesses in sectors like engineering, logistics, IT, training & education, staff recruitment and commerce. My extensive business knowledge and desktop-research skills bring me quickly up to speed other sectors. I focus on B2B content such as white papers, case studies, website content, SEO copywriting, and article-based blog posts. I also offer a white paper planning service.

Company: Write for Business

I worked there from 1/2004 until now

Qualified accountant (ACCA)

Before I became a copywriter, I worked as an accountant for a handful of international companies in the UK (and one in the Netherlands), preparing reports, budgets and financial statements, handling taxes, and advising managers on the financial implications of business decisions. During this period, I worked with many disciplines (engineering, production, sales & marketing, R&D, warehousing, etc), managed various teams and implemented several financial software systems.

Company: International manufacturing companies

I worked there from 6/1989 until 11/2002

Content I Write