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About Me

Words are powerful. Using the right words at the right time in the right way can make or break your brand. Strategically leveraging the psychological nuances of language is my specialty. I craft copy that tells your story exactly as you want your audience to hear it. As a talented wordsmith with a Ph.D. in psychology, I'm the winning combination ensuring that your website copy, blog content, commercial script, or other written material packs a powerful punch and serves as a catalyst to achieving your goals.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

A little baby fat won't hurt them -- except when it does

This piece explores up-to-the-minute research on young children's explicit bias against overweight peers. It provides a compelling, vignette intro, summarizes the research in an easily consumable way, and offers potential solutions.


5 ways to get your teenager out of their room this summer

A humorous approach to encouraging teenagers to move more, this 6500-word piece offers parents five methods to address the goal at hand. It references recent research suggesting that teens' and retired people are equally sedentary, and that reversing that trend is vital for teens' health.


Coming soon: Fewer sexy commercials

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why we’re perpetually peppered with sex-soaked ads across the media spectrum? The answer is not exactly an industry secret. Sex sells. We know it. Marketers know it. They’ve known it since the dawn of time. But what if they only assumed sex sells. What if they were wrong? The jury’s in, and the news is great. They were indeed wrong. Sex actually doesn’t sell, and science just showed up to prove it.


How to cope when you're a total mosquito magnet

First, the bad news: it’s not your imagination. Only a paltry 15 percent of vulnerability to mosquito bites is explained by factors other than genetics. The buzzing b*stards find about one in five people extra tasty. Mosquitoes will happily fly the extra mile to sidle up to the all-you-can-eat blood buffets these poor suckers (or suck-ees, as the case may be) unwittingly serve up. For some of that miserable 20 percent, their blood type is to blame. The unfortunates with type O – you can remember the vulnerable type by thinking “OMG that mosquito just bit me” – get about double the bites of those with type A blood. Those with type B blood fall between the type O and type A extremes. As an added genetic punch-in-the-gut, mosquitoes are wired up to detect chemical secretions that, for some, broadcast our blood types like a huge, neon sign that reads, “bite me.” So if you and your bite-prone kids fall in to the unfortunate 85 percent with this involuntary chemical broadcasting system, you’re at even higher risk.


How do your emotions affect your behavior?

The psychological and physiological aspects of human emotion have a profound impact on behavior. While a limited subset of human behavior is involuntary, the bulk is partially or wholly mediated by thought and is undertaken by choice. Deciphering the complex interplay of emotion and behavior has long been a primary focus for scholars in the field of psychology. A clear understanding of the basics can help you can achieve your personal, career and relationship goals.



Independent Business Owner

Company: NewJerseyWriter.com

I worked there from /2009 until now

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