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Owner and Operator of Big Sun English

About Me

For the last eight years I have been working as an English as a Second Language instructor. I have been responsible for the development of the ESL program at Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation as well as having set up a number of smaller schools through various other companies. I have taught all age ranges in both small and large groups; I have taught a wide range of classes including Business Preparation, Travel Skills, and Public Speaking. In August of 2008, I was fortunate enough to have a small travel article published in Issue 4 of Everywhere Magazine. Since then, I have been looking for more opportunities to write. I hope to be able to make a transition from being a teacher for hire to being my own boss as I work to build my own school as well as increase my writing and photography credits. Specialties: Preparing students for TOEIC and / or TOEFL; Giving Public Speaking / Presentation Training; Writing ESL Textbooks; Photography; Technical Writing and Editing; Non-fiction Writing and Editing.

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My Writing Samples

Washitsu: A Japanese Room for Guests, Family, or Alone Time

A washitsu is, literally, a Japanese room. Sometimes used for tea-parties, sometimes used for studying, these tatami-floored rooms are an essential part of daily life in Japan.


The First Day of School: 5 Tips For a Great Start to Your ALT Career

This short guide is designed to help you get through your very first day as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan.



Language Instructor

Big Sun English is a small "eikaiwa," or Conversational and Business English as a Second Language school. The school is located in rural Japan and specializes in helping adults and older children hone their English skills for their job, university admissions, or even as a hobby. The school was founded by Joel and his wife in 2010.

Company: Big Sun English

I worked there from /2010 until now

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