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Editor | Journalist | Storyteller

About Me

I am a freelance editor and writer, now that technology has finally caught up to me.

I’ve always written and always loved technology. Since completing my Journalism degree in 2005, I’ve worked in a number of industries using my talents in all sorts of unforeseen ways. I got pretty good at exceeding expectations and wowing my bosses. But I got further and further from actual writing.

I left the USA in September 2013 motivated by a love a travel and an allergy to 80-hour work weeks. I set the lofty and largely arbitrary goal of living outside of the USA (and Canada) for 10 years. Because media companies – and companies who need media – are finally embracing the true benefits of remote and freelance workers, I am able to dust off my keyboard and get back to doing the work I do so well.

Drop me a line; I can do great work for you too.

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My Writing Samples

Cookies and Crackers and Technical Documentation

Most of the documentation I helped write, edit, and manage is not for the eyes of the public, of course. But these very few pages are displayed with permission.


The Movement

A small 'Zine I started for the Youth Pride Center, which served LGBTQI youth of color on Chicago’s South Side.


Computer Quick Care Guides

Partial-page guides I created to address the most frequent challenges and questions, helping GCS customers be proactive in their computer maintenance and reducing technician time spent on non-billable projects.


Frankenpharm a step closer for Phillips County

A news article for the Journal-Advocate in Sterling, Colo., a community where who plants and what they plant affect more than a label in the grocery store.


Lebsack brothers love captivating audiences

A feature profile about two radio-host brothers for the Journal-Advocate (Sterling, Colo.).


Nurses ask Owens to opt out

Physicians were outraged and the governor was sued by a medical association in a battle pitting anesthesiologists against nurse anesthetists in rural communities.


Section Editor: Fun Center Spreads

As the Diversions Editor of The Mirror, putting together these center spreads were my favorite part of the job. I was able to be a leader, creator, project manager, artistic director, copy editor, and sometimes even a writer, all for one small project.


Fiesta celebrates local culture

Fiesta was a pretty heated topic for the town of Greeley, but not so much for the university, living in it’s psuedo-harmonious bubble. I conducted my first non-English interviews for the piece, long before smart phones and Google Translate existed, relying instead on friends and 6th Grade lessons.


Content I Write