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About Me

I'm an award-winning writer with extensive experience in finance, education, human resources, digital business, law, and health. My work can be seen on my website at https://ritawilliamswrites.com/ and my LinkedIn profile, https://www.linkedin.com/in/ritawilliams1/.  Selected clients: Motley Fool, Haley Marketing.

Do you need help writing your organization’s story, reaching out to clients, or keeping them informed of cutting-edge news? Want to draw in an audience with seriousness if required and humor if needed? Let me help. I'll give you work you'll be proud to have on your site.

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Law & Politics


Real Estate

My Writing Samples

Keep Current by Staying Abreast of Job-Search Trends

Advice to job seekers regarding trends in job hunting.


4 Reasons Why "Dumb Ways to Die" Is a Great Marketing Campaign

An award-winning marketing campaign: review and analysis of what makes it so successful. The post is outperforming the majority of posts on MediaShower, beating the site average for CTAs.


Steps to a Successful Landing: How to Manage the First Days of a New Job

Advice on how to hit the ground running in a new job.


What's Ahead for MBA Graduates?

Advice on the employment outlook for MBA graduates.


How to Create Content College Students Care About

How to grab and hold the attention of college students in your web content outreach.


Learning to Love Dance and Finding Out You Can Afford It

How to enjoy dance while not breaking the bank: advice.


Here's How to Understand Your Credit Score

Consumer-facing piece on how a credit score is determined.


Try Dollar Cost Averaging if You’re Worried About Investing During Stock Market Highs

Consumer-facing piece on dollar-cost averaging.


Will the QALY Survive?

Discussion of a high-level health measure by key thought leaders.


Tesla Autopilot Crash Raises Concerns About Self-Driving Cars

Law firm blog on potential dangers of self-driving cars.


How to Avoid Social Security Scams

Provides information on the most recent Social Security scam, which involves callers claiming to be from the Social Security Administration. Gives advice to recipients, to protect themselves by never giving out personal information to anyone they don’t know.


5 Ways Rising Interest Rates Can Affect Your Retirement

Description of how rising interest rates affect consumer debt payments, saving rates, bond yields, bond prices, and stock prices.


What Happens to Your Social Security Benefits if You Retire and Then Go Back to Work?

Explanation of how Social Security benefits can be affected by a recipient's working after retirement.


My First Stock and How It Grew

Explanation of how a stock investment can grow over time, with personal history.


What to Do if Your 401(k) Doesn't Offer a Match

Explanation of benefits of 401(k) and what to do if your employer doesn't offer a match.


4 Big Benefits of a Roth IRA

Explanation of Roth IRA benefits.


This Is How Much Millennials Have Saved for Retirement. This Is How Much They'll Need.

Millennial retirement savings showed an impressive 400% increase over the past decade. But more may be required.


Closing the Retirement Gender Gap: 3 Steps All Women Should Take

It's especially important for women to prioritize retirement savings.


23 Questions to Give Your Retirement Savings a Sanity Check

A primer on how to save for retirement and how to manage your savings portfolio.

http://23 Questions To Give Your Retirement Savings a Sanity Check

19 Ways to Save Money in 2019

Money-saving and budgeting advice.


One Huge Reason You May Not Be Saving Enough for Retirement

Longevity in the U.S. is rising, and an increasing number of people will live to 100 going forward. Are you saving enough?


5 Things Every 25-Year-Old Needs to Know About Retirement Savings

Advice to young people about saving for retirement.


How to Reassess Your Insurance Needs When You Retire

Insurance needs can change once you retire. Here's how to re-assess.




I write and research blogs, web content, articles, e-books, press releases, reports, grants, newsletters, and executive summaries.

Company: Rita Williams Writes

I worked there from 4/2014 until now


Created and write a blog on issues in higher education, culture, and the arts. Sole author. Develop concepts and publishing schedule. Publicize via social media.

Company: Retaining the Meta: Adventures of a Midlife PhD

I worked there from /2014 until now

Director of Grant Development

Wrote, researched, and submitted successful grants in support of special projects at healthcare nonprofit. Wrote proposals, reports, briefing memos, letters of inquiry, biographical sketches, budget justifications, Web content, and newsletter copy. Prepared all documents for e-submission or print submission as required. Managed grants through process.

Company: International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR)

I worked there from 4/2005 until 6/2008

Content I Write