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DFW area writer and editor helping businesses build their brands and cultivate audience engagement.

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Established writer, editor, content curator and social media manager whose focus is on content that fosters brand building and cultivates audience engagement. Niche experience includes tech, personal finance, content marketing, business and career.

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11 Creative Ideas to Fill Your Editorial Calendar

Is an editorial calendar part of your content marketing strategy? If not, consider all the benefits of creating and maintaining one.


More Than Half Of Your Income Will Be Consumed By These 5 Expenses

These essential costs consume 63 percent of the average budget in the United States.


Learning Time Management Skills Using Tools and Tips for the Home Office

When you organize your schedule and learn to use your time wisely, you will complete work-related tasks more efficiently and find that you have more time to focus on your family.


There’s A Link Between Too Much Clutter And Depression

In a four-year study of 32 middle-class, dual-income Los Angeles families, UCLA researchers discovered many significant findings regarding the relationship between stresses and messes.


The Advantages of Home-Based Employment

Considering the most prominent rewards of working from home can help you make the decision that is right for you.


How to Make Word Documents Fillable but Not Editable

Adding the Developer tab to the ribbon enables you to use controls that allow users to mark check boxes, select dates, choose options from drop-down lists and more.


How to Optimize Your Facebook Page Cover Photo to Generate Leads

As your cover photo is likely the first piece of your page visitors will see, learning how to update it for optimum impact can translate to more likes and more leads.


How to Organize a Home Office Desk

Not only will having a clean, organized home office desk increase your productivity; it will lower your stress level as well.


Employees Burnt Out? Engage and Excite Them Again

One of the worst things about on-the-job boredom and fatigue is that your best workers are those most likely to experience it. Don't risk losing your star employees to burnout. Turn things around before it is too late.


Blog Commenting Etiquette: Be A Good Internet Neighbor

Commenting on the blogs of others can be an effective way to generate more traffic on your own site, but as with most strategies, there are approaches that work and those that bomb – as well as those that make you look like an annoying spammer.


10 Fun Blog Post Ideas For People Who Hate To Write

These ten ideas can help you get down to the business of content creation with less dread. An added bonus is your readers are likely to enjoy these posts as well.




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