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Student at University of California, Los Angeles

About Me

“We don’t want to be something for everybody, we want to be everything for some people.” Carlos Ghosn

I've always been a writer. Though it took a while to come out to friends and family, I've been writing for the faceless masses since I got my hands on a keyboard and a modem. (I'm a millennial, so that's basically as far back as memory serves.) ​

I speak four languages fluently, and another two passably, and countless others uselessly. I've lived in many places, and traveled extensively. Travel is a great teacher. ​

And I love learning, and reading, and research of any kind feels to me the way detective work must feel to the leads in crime procedurals.

My work runs the gamut from drafting legal briefs for the Southern District of New York to scientific publications to the FAQ for mobile apps. I've edited two children's books and written test questions for the SAT. ​

Regardless of the medium or the target demographic, authenticity creates the best work. The universal lives in the personal.

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My Writing Samples

"Maranello Syndrome" - Ferrari 458 Spider

A 1973 bank heist in Sweden gave birth to the eponymous Stockholm Syndrome, wherein the hostage falls for their captor. In 1817, a visit to Florence left French author Stendhal in a state of delirious ecstasy; the beauty before him disoriented him so much he eventually collapsed. Thus, Florence Syndrome was born. If it weren't dangerous, they wouldn't call it a syndrome. Two hours north of Florence lies Maranello, Italy, the birthplace and current home of Ferrari automobiles of every iteration. Imagine cruising through Maranello in your sensuous Ferrari 458 Spider, past the sunlit olive trees, the vineyards, the villas, the belle regazze. Can you imagine, the feeling that you've got it so good, you need to just gun it, 0-100, down a steep and windy village curve, like a man with a death wish: Maranello Syndrome.


Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Life Cycle Assessment

Literature review of biofuel production To minimize the intensity of greenhouse effect, a lower carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is attributed to renewable clean energy. The use and combustion of fossil-based fuel having an adverse effect to clean environment, a sustainable and non-toxic fuel named biodiesel has been under use and research for last decade. The biodiesel, a class of biofuel, being produced from vegetable oils, micro-algal oil and animal fats, is a renewable energy source and does not contribute to the rise in carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. However, this environmental indulgence brings many challenges. One of the biggest challenge is the production cost of biodiesel, which is mainly dependent on cost of feedstock or biomass (a variable cost parameter) as defined by (Sajid, Zhang et al. 2016). There are various biomass feedstocks being used to produce biodiesel. Generally, there are four different technologies to produce biodiesel, direct blending of vegetable oils, pyrolysis (thermal cracking), micro-emulsion and transesterification. In all these technologies, transesterification is the most commonly implied technique to produce biodiesel. Transesterification can be done in the presence of a catalyst (called catalytic transesterification) or in the absence of catalyst (non-catalytic transesterification). A detailed summary of different technologies have been presented by Abbaszaadeh and colleagues (2012). (Abbaszaadeh, Ghobadian et al. 2012) also discussed homogeneous acid catalytic transesterification, homogeneous base catalytic transesterification, heterogeneous solid-base catalytic transesterification, heterogeneous solid-acid catalytic transesterification and non-catalytic biodiesel production techniques. In their comparison, they suggested the use of homogeneous base catalysed technique since it provide faster reaction rate of biodiesel production than the rest of techniques. However, the research was based on biomass, which associated high cost. Gerpen (2005) explained the production and processing of biodiesel using vegetable oils and animal facts using transesterification reaction. Which is a chemical reaction between triglycerides (obtained from vegetable oils or fats) and alcohol (methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, butanol,) in the presence of a catalyst (base or acid) to produce methyl esters i.e., biodiesel and glycerine. Gerpen also indicated the use of waste feedstock (soap stock and restaurants stocks) as biomass feedstock to produce biodiesel, however, the process to produce biodiesel from such wastes along with reaction kinetics have not been defined by the author. Other sources to produce biodiesel are from vegetable or animal fat, typically canola, sunflower, palm oil and non-edible: Jatropha, Linseed, Jojoba, rubberseed, tobacco, Neem and waste cooking oil as presented by (Sajid, Khan et al. 2016) A typical process of biodiesel production includes the raw material production (e.g. crop cultivation (which needs potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen fertilizers;



Head Copy Writer

As a senior copywriter I work with editors, project managers, and developer from "cradle-to-grave." Responsible for creating all web and in-app copy, including creating vivid descriptions for the luxury prizes, and establishing the brand identity with a unique voice.

Company: BidRush, LLC

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Website Content Manager, Editor

Responsible for content creation and editing. Utilized extensive hands on experience with internet search tools and applied many SEO techniques to create Varsity's now ubiquitous "Test Prep" sample section.

Company: Varsity Tutors, LLC

I worked there from 4/2011 until 12/2014

P/T Assistant Editor

Assisted Anne Reingold in editing the manuscripts of a children's book author, per request. Collaborated closely with editor and author to blend a whimsical style with a more traditional approach, while maintaining original vision.

Company: Harper Collins

I worked there from 6/2016 until 1/2017

Research Editor/Strategist

Responsible for editing research into sustainability of new alternative energy sources, such as waste cooking oil and municipal solid waste, for clarity and fluidity of language. Employed SEO techniques to increase visibility and relevance

Company: University of Newfoundland

I worked there from 9/2015 until now

Freelance Commercial Composer

Completed "jingle" assignments from scratch following notes from music supervisors, and made revisions based on feedback directly from ad agencies. Clients include Chase Bank, Bacardi, and XBox.

Company: Stimmung, Barking Owl

I worked there from 1/2012 until 5/2014

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