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B2B Technology Content Marketing Writer

About Me

I'm a New York-based B2B technology content marketing writer specializing in topics such as UCaaS, cybersecurity, mobility, AI, IoT, and digital transformation. I've worked with brands such as HP, IBM, Intel, WordPress, Sage, Vonage, Nexmo, and Hortonworks. 

I have a unique talent for making complex technical concepts understandable for technical and non-technical audiences alike. I've written articles specifically targeted to the healthcare, education, and insurance industries, among others.

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What does the future of automation hold for modern-day Luddites?

The future of automation promises massive gains in productivity, but what will workers be asked to sacrifice? Here's what we can learn from the Luddites.


How Voicemail Transcription Can Improve Your Business' Communication

Voicemail isn't scannable or shareable. Voicemail transcription, however, makes business voicemail work better for today's busy professionals. Here's how.


Color printing gives health care and education a boost

Color printing used in health care and education is improving the quality of service where patients and learners need it the most.


How a Cloud Infrastructure Eliminates 3 Barriers to Business Productivity

Any business can end up stuck, with a productivity barrier blocking its path to success. Here are challenges that can be solved by a cloud infrastructure.


What’s it cost to not get hacked?

Your CFO says it's too expensive to invest in IT security. Don't panic: The hidden costs of IT security can show them the light.


4 Reasons Remote Worker Productivity Is Higher Than You Think

Remote worker productivity is higher than business leaders might think. According to recent surveys, teleworkers are quite productive and even happier at work.


How Different Business Communication Tools Can Influence How Your Message Is Received

When communicating a message, the business communication tools used may influence how it is received. Here are four tools in use today and how to leverage them.


How the Cloud Improves Communication in Medical Field Settings

There are many ways in which the cloud is improving communication in medical field settings. For example, it streamlines interactions between locations.


How Business Communication Solutions Facilitate Emergency Communications

Business communication solutions can be invaluable during a disaster. Here's how they can be leveraged to support an emergency communications plan.


Why Bunkr failed—a study in answering customer needs

Bunkr wanted to disrupt the market for interactive presentations, but ultimately, it couldn't unseat PowerPoint. Here's why it failed to gain traction.


3 Ways UC Integration Can Deliver Added Value to Your Business

As the market for unified communications (UC) matures and grows stronger, many businesses are turning their attention to UC integration and how it can deliver increased value for them. This recent trend is taking several intriguing forms; here are three integrations that are especially noteworthy because of their significant potential to boost business productivity and, in turn, the bottom line.


How UC's Shift to the Cloud Will Benefit Businesses

Although some businesses might have been hesitant to entrust their mission-critical communications to cloud UC at the outset, perhaps out of concern that the technology could not support enterprise-grade voice and audio calling, recent advancements in both areas as well as mobile UC have brought more of the previously risk-averse clientele aboard. Here are some of the most valuable benefits that businesses adopting cloud UC can expect to enjoy now and in the future.


3 Ways to Boost Business Productivity with WebRTC

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), once regarded with some skepticism because it was in development for quite some time and not yet supported by all web browsers, is now also receiving some deserved attention for the many ways in which it can improve business communication. Some of them are quite unique and separate from what UC offers. Here are three ways businesses are boosting productivity with WebRTC today.


Innovative Communication Technology: When Should Enterprises Adopt It?

When it comes to adopting new technology, what's a business to do? Leading adopters face risks when jumping in headfirst, while laggards could miss out on game-changing business opportunities — or worse, find themselves at a competitive disadvantage before they even realize what happened. Here are some factors enterprises should consider when deciding whether to take the plunge.


The Cloud Explained So Simply, Even Your Grandma Will Understand

The cloud can seem like a nebulous, vague concept, particularly for some folks of a certain generation who are more bound to tradition. With all the hype surrounding the cloud and what it represents, there's a good chance your grandma might ask you to fill her in. So, in honor of Mother's Day, here's the cloud explained in simple terms even your beloved grandma will understand.


3D printing is catapulting health care into the future

3D printing is used in health care for 3D-printed organs and even prosthetics. Here's a look at its transformative potential for the sector.


3 Ways to Deliver a Great Customer Experience with Social CRM

Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) technology, which is intended to provide businesses and consumers with high-quality video and voice calling among other data-rich services, is becoming more widespread throughout the market as we enter the second quarter of 2017.


Coming to a UC Platform Near You: Artificial Intelligence?

Here’s how artificial intelligence (AI) may help increase the value of UC for businesses.


How to Know Whether a Virtual Workforce Is Right for Your Business

There are many benefits to having a virtual workforce, but a virtual office isn't ideal for every kind of business. Here's how to know if it's right for yours.


Improve Virtual Communication in Your Organization with These 5 Tips

With the right teleworking policy and technology in hand, businesses can enjoy increased productivity and improved virtual communication among their employees.


3 lessons IT decision-makers can learn from the Uber economy

The Uber economy has demonstrated technology's power to transform entire markets. What lessons can IT decision-makers apply at their companies?


Are you ready for the impact of changing printer standards?

Printer standards will enable greater office productivity in the workplace of the future. Here's how IT managers should prepare their environments now.


Immersive learning with 5 3D-printing lesson plans

Excited to promote 3D printing for education at your school? Here are five sample lesson plans revolving around the tech.


Printing innovations in 2016: A year of creative disruption

Here are the top five printing innovations in 2016, a year of creative disruptions that brought new capabilities to an even wider array of customers.


Design thinking revamps tech design from A to Z

How do companies create innovative, revolutionary tech experiences? Through design thinking: a user-centric approach to technology product design.


Cloud Telephony Solutions Elevate Multi-Location Business Collaboration

Multi-location businesses face a host of communications and operational challenges. Here's how cloud telephony solutions are uniquely suited to help.


Is artificial intelligence coming to an IT team near you?

Artificial intelligence isn't just a sci-fi concept: it's becoming a reality. Here are a few ways AI could strategically enhance your IT team in the future.


How Yahoo! JAPAN Used Open vSwitch* with DPDK to Accelerate L7 Performance in Large-Scale Deployment

Learn how Yahoo! JAPAN collaborated on a project with OvS-DPDK and delivered a 2x cloud application L7 performance improvement in a 500-node, large-scale deployment.


POTUS pushes for modernized government IT infrastructure in the US—bigly

POTUS has signed an executive order on cybersecurity that aims for a modernized government IT infrastructure using shared cloud services. Here's the scoop.


Here’s what top brands know about color and perception

What's in a color and why's it so important to a brand? Here's a look at how color affects brand perception and what it means for your business.


How Enterprise Voice Solutions Deliver Even Greater Value Through APIs

Enterprise voice solutions now integrate with APIs that streamline development and accelerate speed to market. Here's how enterprises benefit as a result.


Daniel Regalado schooled us on IoT cybersecurity at Defcon 2017

Defcon 2017 just wrapped up, and it had a major focus on cybersecurity. Here's what we learned about the state of IoT medical device security today.


The Best Video Conferencing for Small Businesses Enables Virtual Home Tours in Real Estate

Here's why real estate agents are increasingly using the best video conferencing for small businesses to give virtual home tours to prospective buyers.


New Cloud Technologies Help Insurance Companies Combat Challenges

The insurance industry is tackling challenges in the market, creating efficiencies and driving growth with the use of new cloud technologies.


How Does the Cloud Work to Neutralize Remote Workers' Feelings of Isolation?

Remote workers sometimes experience feelings of isolation while working in a solitary setting. How does the cloud work to make them feel more connected?


Cloud Tools Bridge Gap Between Customer Experience Management and Workplace Services

Companies have made better customer experience management a priority, but workplace services have lagged behind. Here's how cloud business tools can help.


5 things you didn’t know about color printing

According to color printing research, color builds brand identity and supports customer relationships.


Tasty innovation: How vegan food startups attract VC attention

Silicon Valley VCs are increasingly investing in food startups. Here's how these innovative companies are attracting their attention—and cash.


How to Improve External Communication for Stronger Business Partnerships

Navigating business partnerships can be tricky. Here's how to improve external communication among strategic partners when pursuing digital transformation.


Can we put our fate in a chatbot’s virtual hands?

If you believed the hype around the use of chatbots for business, you'd think we were living in an AI-powered future. But are they ready for prime time?


Supply chain management and logistics: Finding the best solution for your enterprise

Sourcing and logistics management includes a wide array of critical operations such as supply chain management, sourcing and procurement.


Growing up digital—how digital maturity drives business forward

We've all heard about digital transformation, but digital maturity may be a better way to think about how businesses can adapt to a changing environment.


Cloud Solutions for Business: CPaaS Extends the Cloud-Based Family Tree

Cloud solutions for business can be thought of in terms of a family tree. Get to know SaaS, PaaS, and their latest relative: CPaaS.


Measuring the power of a digital transformation strategy

When creating a digital transformation strategy, scope and objectives are key to success. Here's how to get the high level perspective your business needs.


How fantasy football and BYOD boost team collaboration

Much like BYOD at the office, mobile fantasy football can bring people together for better collaboration and, yes, some lighthearted teasing as well.


Here's What Businesses Need to Know About UC and APIs

APIs are now teaming up with UC platforms in a variety of interesting ways; here’s how businesses are taking advantage of the resulting benefits.


Mobile UC: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

Mobile UC apps were once a faint shadow of their desktop cousins in terms of the features and functionality they could offer, but things have changed. Here’s what the state of mobile UC for business looks like and where it’s headed.


Technology in Business: How Use Cases Help Decision-Makers in a Top-Down Approach

Here's how enterprise executives are leveraging use cases for technology in business when strategically pursuing a top-down decision-making approach.


Grow up: How digital strategy drives digital maturity

Digital strategy is essential for achieving digital maturity. Here's how a maturing business can reap digital efficiencies—with ongoing future benefits.


What your mobile marketing strategy can learn from Tasty videos

Tasty videos are examples of a hugely popular form of mobile marketing. How can you use Tasty's model to engage your audience?


The Journey to Enhanced Corporate Collaboration Through Contextual Communications

Leading businesses are enhancing corporate collaboration by pursuing a journey to contextual communications. Here's how they're doing it, and why it's valuable.


A look back at Defcon 2017: Lessons learned about Wi-Fi security

Vegas went on digital lockdown before Defcon this year, as businesses reviewed Wi-Fi security best practices and shuttered business centers. Here's why.


Liquid biopsies are changing how we fight cancer

Liquid biopsies may soon revolutionize how the health industry fights cancer at early stages. Here's how health IT pros can prepare for their arrival.


Understanding network hacks: Our TV isn’t safe!

With hackers coming after HBO and Game of Thrones, do we need to change how we're understanding network hacks to protect our businesses—and ourselves?


Meet Your IoT Security Challenges with an End-to-End Strategy

Enterprises can best tap the wealth of opportunities that IoT offers by using an end-to-end solution to head off complex IoT security challenges.


5 reasons a BYOD policy isn’t like the Upside Down from “Stranger Things”

Some businesses might regard a BYOD policy with caution, concerned it could pose security risks or add burdensome costs. However, that's not true.


The view from HP Labs: How IT innovation enhances lives

According to Alex Thayer, IT innovation shines brightest when it enhances people's lives. Learn how tech can make a difference here.


How organizations can use blockchain technology to enhance cybersecurity

Blockchain technology is captivating the business community because it can change the way enterprises secure and manage their mobile devices.


Now boarding—Hyperloop bound for the future of remote work

Here's how the future of remote work may evolve thanks to bold, innovative projects, like Elon Musk's proposed Hyperloop between New York and D.C.


How Number Porting Lets You Keep Your Old Number for Your New Services

Your business phone number is more than just 10 digits: It's a valuable part of your brand. With number porting, you can easily bring it with you.


Printer technology: Today’s most accomplished sleuth

Here's how modern printer technology successfully identified NSA contractor Reality Winner—and what your business needs to know about it to stay secure.


How Businesses are Fighting Back Against Phone Spam

Phone spam isn't just annoying — it can actually harm business productivity. Here's why robocalls are on the rise and how your business can fight back.


How to Improve Customer Service Using Data Analytics

Knowing how to improve customer service with big data analytics gives businesses a wealth of opportunities to enhance the customer experience.


Create your dream office with 3D printing innovation

3D printing innovation is coming to the office—or recreating it, actually. Learn how businesses and the US army are using this tech in the world today.


5 facts you didn’t know about SMS phishing

Everyone knows phishing, but there's a new form of phishing threat not everyone — even those in IT circles — might be familiar with: SMS phishing.


Big Data and Retail: 3 Ways to Improve Your Black Friday Sales

Big data and retail go hand in hand. Here are three ways data can help improve your Black Friday sales.


The Growing Market for Cloud-Based Contact Center Services

The market for cloud-based contact center services is rapidly growing. Here's why businesses are turning to the cloud to optimize their contact centers.


A revolution in data storage: 330 TB in the palm of your hand

IBM has released a next-generation magnetic tape cartridge that can store a whopping 330 TB of data, setting new data storage records.


Creating better work balance: The pros and cons of email outside the office

How can businesses strike an appropriate work balance that encourages "always-on" employee productivity while avoiding stress and burnout?


The MPLS Connection: Communication Confidence When QoS is Nonnegotiable

When businesses cannot compromise on critical communications such as voice and video, an MPLS connection with QoS may be the best solution. Here's why.


Enterprise mobile social media strategies: Impacts of Twitter’s new character count

What does Twitter's longer character count mean for your enterprise's mobile social media strategies?


How the insurance industry is leveraging the unique benefits of chatbots

Insurance firms that learn how to maximize the benefits of chatbots early stand to gain the most lucrative rewards.


SIP Trunking Explained: How Retailers Stand to Benefit

With the holidays approaching, retailers' phones are ringing off the hook. Here's how SIP trunking can help them efficiently and cost-effectively manage peak calling periods.


Achieve IT sustainability with green printing

Businesses are becoming more sustainable thanks to innovative IT sustainability solutions and green printing. Get your company on board today.


3 ways millennials in the workplace are changing business culture

As we see the impacts of millennials in the workplace, we can begin making predictions regarding how this generation will change business culture and technology.


The Healthcare Industry Demand for QoS in Networking

QoS in networking has emerged as a top priority for the healthcare industry. Here's why it's so important and how technology solutions make it possible.


Contact Center-as-a-Service: What the Contemporary Enterprise Needs to Know

Companies across the spectrum are increasingly taking advantage of contact center-as-a-service solutions to meet customer demands. Here's why.


Three Predictions About the Future of Big Data in 2018

Is your enterprise ready for the future of big data? Here are three predictions about what 2018 will hold and how you can prepare.


The Value of Call Center Speech Analytics

As the expectation for excellent customer service grows, organizations increasingly employ call center speech analytics to find pain points. Learn why.


Printing innovation and digital workflows are smart as hell

Thanks to printing innovation and digital workflows, businesses are digitally transforming and operating more efficiently than ever. Here's how.


Prep your business for advanced IoT threats in 2018

Is your business ready for the advanced phishing schemes and IoT threats coming its way in 2018? Here's what to look out for—and how to prepare.


New printer types are taking health care by storm

Futuristic printer types may soon be able to print pure, precise doses of medication on demand at pharmacies. Talk about a breakthrough!


How the personalized mobile fan experience has changed the game for NBA fans

Sports leagues, including the NBA, have embraced mobile technology in recent years, aiming to provide a personalized mobile fan experience that engages viewers and boosts attendance at arenas.


10 tech inventions that entertainment got right

Beam us up, Scotty! The best sci-fi novels, films, and TV shows dazzle us with tech inventions we wish were real—and today, some of them actually exist.


Get psyched about new printer types, including 2.5D printing

Just when you think you're up to date on all the new printer types out there, 2.5D printing shows up. Learn what it's all about here.



B2B Technology Content Marketing Writer

I'm a New York-based B2B technology content marketing writer specializing in topics such as UCaaS, cybersecurity, mobility, AI, IoT, and digital transformation. I've worked with brands such as HP, IBM, Intel, WordPress, Sage, Vonage, Nexmo, and Hortonworks. I've written articles specifically targeted to the healthcare, education, and insurance industries, among others.

Company: lowercase d (Self-Employed)

I worked there from 4/2014 until now


Lowercase d consulting was a social media strategy consultancy that provides small businesses and app developers guidance on how to build and develop effective and engaging social media presences. I helped small business owners select the best social media channels to suit their business objectives, analyze the effectiveness of their existing strategies, manage their social media content and day-to-day engagement, and create a presence reflective of their brand identity.

Company: lowercase d

I worked there from 6/2013 until 7/2017

Faculty, Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate Program

As faculty for NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate, I teach an online course on nonprofit technology staffing and technology project management. I help participants understand the unique roles and staffing considerations for nonprofit technology professionals, and I also teach technology project management best practices that ensure project success.

Company: NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network

I worked there from 7/2014 until now