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Freelance Writer/Content Marketer

About Me

Brandon is a professional writer with over five years of experience in the field. His content is high-quality, timely, and generally read by at least one other person - maybe two. With a writing style and voice all his own, Brandon sits at the computer every single day, music playing in the background, and types the thousands of words that pop into his head.

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My Writing Samples

Choosing a Photographer

Selecting a product photographer for your business can make all the difference.


Finding Creative Direction/Inspiration for Your Brand

Starting a business? Finding creative direction/inspiration is a part of the process.


Tearjerkers: The 15 Most Chilling Deaths in Gaming

Video games tug at our emotions, but these in-game deaths go above and beyond.


Does Being Stoned Improve Your Gaming Abilities?

An in-depth look at whether smoking marijuana helps or hinders your online gaming abilities.



Freelance Writer

An experienced freelance writer with years under his belt. Brandon is constantly practicing his craft and working to improve. He has no intention of stopping his writing career or pursuit of the next big thing. Lately, Brandon has begun focusing on video game guides, a passion of his.

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I worked there from 6/2012 until now

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