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Freelance Writer and Author of Speculative Fiction

About Me

I wrote my first novel when I was sixteen, and over the course of college I completed four others. These days I am an author going through the early stages of a foreign rights publishing deal and have been paying the bills through freelance copywriting. This has given me a balanced amount of experience in both writing fiction for myself and freelance copy for clients. I have mastered storytelling and its ability to grip readers, whether in a novel or on a webpage.

My rapidly-growing repertoire of freelance copywriting is mostly blog writing and product descriptions. I've written for everything from outdoorsman sites, national and international travel sites, college sites, philosophical and motivational blogs, business and marketing blogs, and more.

I am looking to expand into even more industries, so if I pitch you and don't have many samples of the kind of work that you need, I ask that you give me a shot. You'll be happy you did!

If you have questions, please email me at shanecarlhall@gmail.net, or message me through this site. Thank you.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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Science & Medicine

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My Writing Samples

Your Business Needs A Landing Page, And Here's Why

This article teaches businesses and marketing managers the ins and outs of landing pages, a term many people have heard but not everyone fully understands.


What Kind of Copywriting Appeals to Millennials?

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5 Crucial Tips for A/B Testing Your Copywriting

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4 Types of Businesses That Live or Die On Good Writing

This article gives four examples of industries or types of businesses that have a surprising reliance of good copywriting to get and keep their customers.


5 Old Marketing Phrases to Avoid

This article offers five phrases that managers should avoid letting slip into their published marketing material, such as old chestnuts like "Save Time and Money".


Why Businesses Need The Human Element In Their Copy

This article helps marketers see the important human side to what they do, and how to appeal to that side more in their written copy.


Should You Really Only Write What You Know?

This article is for fellow creatives and challenges the old conventional wisdom that you should "write what you know".


Why Copywriting Will Make You More Creative

This article is for fellow artists, mainly writers, who are wary about writing professionally in a non-creative or business frame, and how it can actually strengthen their creative muscles.


Full Circle Copy: How Appeal to New and Repeat Customers

This article explains the balance between avoiding the curse of knowledge and going too abstract, and finding ways to appeal to both new, inexperienced customers and older, repeat, or choosy and experienced customers with the same marketing content.


The Pros and Cons of BYOD in Accounting Firms

This article examines the Bring Your Own Device policy, specifically in an accounting context, and considers the advantages, disadvantages, and other options.


Forget Skype: You'll Soon Be Wi-Fi Calling From Home

This article explains the different between Wi-Fi calls and video call services like Skype, and the advantages of the former.


3 Discontinues Chevrolet Vehicles We Wish Would Come Back

This article showed off three fascinating old Chevy models and what made them special enough to warrant bringing back in modern times.


Get to Know All 2017 Prius Models

This article helps a car shopper distinguish each model in the growing Toyota Prius family.


5 Weird Laws and Why They're Still on the Books

A comedic article about several weird laws in different states, and an explanation of their original purpose.


From Smirks to Smiles: Resolving Conflicts with Difficult Employees

This is a workplace conflict resolution article specifically for dealing with the most difficult of conflicting parties.


5 Ways to Defuse a Social Media Nightmare

This article is about how business owners, marketing managers, etc. can defuse a social media meltdown before it gets too viral to stop.


The Ins and Outs of B2B Social Media

This article helps businesses who want to use social media for business-to-business purposes, and goes into detail on the value of social media advertising for that purpose.


Burbank Travel Guide Page

This is one of several hub pages by Hipmunk that I wrote content for, with each one serving as a sort of FAQ for that destination and its airport.




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