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Freelance Writer and Professional Blogger For Hire

About Me

I'm a professional freelance writer and blogger for hire. I work with online businesses and bloggers to help them reach their business goals by using content in your marketing strategy.

My services include blogging (credited or ghostwritten), ebooks, online articles, website content, editing and more.

I have worked with many different types of businesses, each with their own unique goals. My content has helped many build their audience and expand their business. Through engaging written content, I can help you educate consumers and attract readers.

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Keep Readers on Your Blog Even Longer

You spend hours crafting your blog posts. You carefully and strategically plan your site’s layout. You even spend hours on social media to share your posts where they would get the most traffic. So it’s got to sting when people only skim your content and bounce.


Growing Your Business with Actionable Content Marketing

I know it. You know it. I know you know it. It’s something that is said time and time again, sometimes to the point you get nauseous. Content. Is. King.


The Website Stats Your Business Should Be Tracking

Google Analytics can tell you a lot about your business website. By watching certain stats, you can see if your pages are converting, how well your site is doing or determine if you need to make some changes. Here are 6 website stats that you should be tracking.


Finding Your 401(k) Investing Strategy 0

If you are employed, you may have the opportunity to invest in an employer-sponsored retirement fund, or a 401(k). Started back in 1982, 401(k) plans were designed to help people save for retirement, with the added benefit of lowering their state and federal taxes.


What Your Cravings Are Really Telling You

Have you ever had a food craving so strong, you swore you’d die if you didn’t get to eat that food? Of course you have. We all have. Food cravings are not uncommon.



Freelance Writer and Blogger for Hire

-Blogging -Web content writing -Article writing -EBook writing -Proofreading and editing

Company: Freelance Writer, Blogger

I worked there from /2010 until now


Sunflower Blog Designs is a website design and development company. They create beautiful, functional websites for bloggers and online businesses. I provide copywriting work for both the site and for their clients, and I also contribute to the website blog.

Company: Sunflower Blog Designs

I worked there from 10/2014 until now

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