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Technical Content With Character ✌️

About Me

My name is Al (not to be confused with A.I. — I’m not a bot, promise), and I’m a geek about all things technology. I started my journey with a Computer Science degree, then spent several years as a software engineer before I realized I enjoyed teaching others even more. Now I’m a professional technical writer writing for tech businesses and cultivating happy users.

I provide guides, docs, and tutorials that will delight your users, not leave them asleep. Here’s what I can build for you:

I specialize in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Big Data, and Python programming, but I love writing about anything technology, IT, or security related. I also write about up and coming apps, websites, and startups.

What is technical content that converts worth to you? More leads, more sales, and happier customers are only a message away.

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My Writing Samples

Foodme: A Slash Command Tutorial For Slack

A whimsical adventure through the Slack API, teaching beginners how to create an integration using free tools. (NodeJS, Botkit, Localtunnel). An experiment in interactive documentation.


First Steps With Luigi Data Pipelines

An introduction to Luigi, a data pipeline library for Python that helps you batch and manage your ETL jobs. Code samples provided.


More Writing Samples Here 👇

Don't see what you're looking for? See a more detailed portfolio here. If you have a question on whether I can cover a certain topic for you, just ask!



Technical Writer

Developed technical documentation for enterprise analytics software. Collaborated with Support, Engineering, and Product teams to create excellent help content. Maintained quality and consistency of user-facing documentation.

Company: Alpine Data Labs

I worked there from 7/2015 until 7/2017

Freelance Writer

I write content that will engage, educate, and delight your users -- not leave them asleep.

Company: Al Nelson Writes

I worked there from 6/2012 until now

Content I Write