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A fullstack digital marketer-turned-writer

About Me

🙏, I'm Disha — a fullstack digital marketer-turned-B2B writer.

I work with content marketing teams at B2B businesses and help ramp up their content production. While my superpowers lie in creating long-form SEO content (the one that brings high-quality "search" leads straight to the sales pipeline), I do product-side storytelling and thought leadership pieces too.

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My Writing Samples

Personalization-at-Scale for B2B: Delivering 100,000 Unique Experiences to 100,000 Users

My client wanted to own the term "b2b personalization at scale." For the same, I ideated, researched, outlined, wrote, and edited this piece. It ranks #1 for all its target keywords and ranks above magazines like HBR!


How To Migrate From Asana to Wrike

Wrike requested a piece to help users migrating from Asana. I outlined, wrote, and edited this piece.


10 Effective Ways To Reduce Time To Hire

This is one of my nearly dozen top-ranking pieces for this HRtech client. It ranks #1 for the term "reduce time to hire."


An Almost Paperless Approach to Quality Management

This client -- a Forrester-recognized global player in the QMS (quality management) space -- wanted to rank for its "paperlessness." I researched, wrote, and edited this post. It ranks #1 for the term "paperless QMS."


Feature Management and Experimentation

My client wanted an SEO pillar page to target the terms "feature management" and "feature experimentation." This page ranks in the top 3 SERPs for all its target terms, outranking some websites with topical authority in the space.


A/B Testing Statistical Significance: How and When to End a Test

This is a thought leadership piece that surprisingly (and really "organically") ranks well for a host of relevant terms!



Freelance Content Writer

I've written extensively in the martech niche for the last 9 years.

Company: Various

I worked there from 12/2013 until now


Key responsibilities: ✓ Working on the content strategy and researching content ideas inline with S&M goals ✓ Doing keyword research and developing briefs ✓ Writing in-depth articles for the different buying stages

Company: Convert Insights, Inc. (A B2B SaaS into A/B testing, personalizations, and digital experiences.)

I worked there from 9/2018 until 3/2020

Content I Write