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Lifelong enthusiast. Business, Bid & Blog Writer.

About Me

I'm a writer. I love words, and I love playing with them. I get a thrill out of taking even the most mundane of subjects and turning it into something engaging. A lifelong enthusiast, I take that passion and channel it into getting the message about your great idea across. I'm a children's author, and I enjoy school visits, book signings and promoting reading & writing wherever I can. I grew up watching and reading Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and that's what I love to write, too. As well as publishing the first in the Alfie Slider series, I'm working on the sequel and a YA fantasy novel. I am also writing a Sci-Fi book for grown-ups for my MA. I am proud to have built a freelance business writing blog posts, grant applications, and bids & tenders for clients around the world. I have a reputation for excellence and timeliness of delivery. Why? Because I love what I do. I'd love to do it for you, too.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

How to Choose the Best Heated Cat Bed

Affiliate Marketing piece for a blog aimed at Millennial Pet Parents



Writing advice blog & infographic.


Why Mothers Can't Win

Recruitment advice looking at the issues facing working mothers. Discussing the issue of unconscious bias and how to work around it.


Best Decaf Coffee Beans

Affiliate Marketing blog aimed at informing and engaging millennial coffee snobs.


Smells Like Team Spirit

Blog piece for a remote recruitment site, aimed at professionals to aid them in shifting to remote work.



Freelance Writer

Freelance writer providing compelling narrative for clients in a diverse range of topics and styles. Associate roles include: Bid Writer for a leading Buildings & Maintenance Bid Agency, Copywriter for Inspiring Interns, DistantJob and OliveKnows, Grant Fundraiser for numerous small organisations.

Company: Sarah Dixon, Writer

I worked there from 1/2017 until now


Some people say that Alfie Slider is a bit weird, but he thinks weird just means different. Weird is good! Living with his ‘different’ family is never predictable for Alfie, but nothing could prepare him for what happens when he finds a strange key on his way home from school. This is no ordinary key – it seems to break the laws of physics! Once he’s figured out how to use it, Alfie is caught up in adventures that are literally out of this world. This story has evil grannies, flame-throwing frogs, bossy computers, shape-changing aliens, huge explosions, best friends and parallel universes. In other words, it’s a bit weird…but weird just means different! The first book in the Alfie Slider series, this adventure sees Aiden learning there is much, much more to the universe than he ever imagined. Available in paperback, ePub and mobi formats.

Company: Alfie Slider

I worked there from 1/2015 until now

Page Founder

Following the general election result, I was disappointed and worried about the future. I noticed lots of people asking the same question: We feel like we should do something, but we don't know what! I realised that I had the skills and experience to help answer that question and set up the Do Something! facebook page the next day. It gained more than 100 likers in the first day, and 300 in the first week. Together with my friend Emma, we now share local opportunities for people to become politically engaged, or to support causes and charities they believe in.

Company: Do Something - York!

I worked there from 5/2015 until now

Operations Manager

The Netfolk Ltd. is a small business which provides Business Analysis to clients from both the public and private sectors. In my role as Operations Manager, I undertook administrative duties and assisted in directing the strategic operations contributing to the sustainable success of the business. Responsibilities included managing the financials compliantly, fundraising, reporting, and marketing for the firm. In my secondary role as Copy Editor for the firm, I was responsible for the co-ordination of all literature and marketing materials pertaining to the business, liaising with both internal and external writers in order to ensure consistency, accuracy, timeliness, quality and cascade. A key outcome of my role was the design of the ‘York Story’ initiative, whereby I deployed fiction to engage with the tourism industry and provide age-appropriate literature pertaining to key York areas of outstanding natural beauty or historical significance.

Company: The Netfolk Limited

I worked there from /2002 until now

Content I Write