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I'm a freelance writer that can handle any project from simple webpage content to white page summaries for any client. I have years of experience writing both copy for the internet as well as technical manuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Important To How Customers See Your Business

Frequently asked questions are the gateway to helping customers understand your products and services. Sadly, this useful tool is often neglected by business owners.


The Risks and Benefits of Cloud Storage

As the cloud becomes more popular, meeting not only storage but computing needs, it is understandable to see businesses gaining an interest in utilizing this powerful tool.


The Options for Restoring Lost Data in Google Apps

Restoring lost data in Google Apps Google has safeguards in place to protect your account from data loss, and for many of us this gives a sense of security. We expect that Google’s Data Loss Prevention feature will keep their information safe from all harm.




I have started my own professional writing service with The Versatile Scribe. I am a writer for hire for marketing articles, website content and other things that can help other businesses market their company.

Company: The Versatile Scribe

I worked there from 8/2010 until now

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