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Freelance journalist

About Me

Strapped for time to write your marketing materials? Need to improve your blog traffic? Brilliant at your job yet can't quite put what you do into words? This is where I can help.

- Do you want to reach out to sailors and curious landlubbers alike?

- Want to turn petrol / motorheads into clean, green Electric Vehicle users?

- Are you a hemp or marijuana company looking to put the story straight with consumers and non-consumers?

If you're struggling to communicate your value to potential customers or now that Facebook's algorithm is turning away from commercial pages; you need a water sports writer, electric vehicle writer or a hemp and cannabis writer with proven track record. I can help with e-books, SEO optimised long and short form articles, and compelling case studies. Have a look at my website at https://www.richardshrubb.com to see how I can help you! 

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My Writing Samples

The True Cost of a Payday Loan

Infographic showing the true costs of a payday loan


Review of the Tesla Model S

How my mind was blown driving, and being driven by a Tesla Model S


Better to stay in port than become a statistic

Using real life examples and personal experience, I discuss how sailing conservatively could save your life one day.


Interview with Ozone

Case study interview with paramotor wing makers, Ozone


Automation in the container shipping supply chain

SEO work for Gateway Container Sales, a container repurposing company in Australia. Shows insights into automation in the supply chain.


A mother whose daughter died after taking Ecstasy calls for drugs legalisation

Hard hitting interview with a mother who has begun campaigning for a sensible approach to drugs laws after losing her only child.


Cutthroat - an adventure bike for the Grand Tour of the Great Divide

Cycling writing example. Discusses the great American cross country race down the Rockies from Canada to the Mexican border.


Making Time for Mindfulness

Final column for Mental Health Today describing my personal experience of Mindfulness


After sober reflection

Discussion of the Nordic Alcohol Model through the eyes of someone in recovery for the Royal College of Nursing journal Mental Health Practice


Fears as mental health beds cut

Last article for the UK national tabloid newspaper - an investigation into NHS cuts leading to essential beds being removed from use by the Dorset mental health trust in order to pay for a Crisis Team.


BIFA says no to exit from Customs Union

Sample of news writing. This article looks at how the British International Freight Association has called for the government not to exit the European Customs Union as part of Brexit


The Oxford Review

Download a PDF from link above. This is a digest of academic research into leadership and coaching, to which I contributed 20 articles a month.



Freelance journalist and professional blogger

Research and write stories for national newspapers, science, and nursing journals. Blog professionally with various SEO clients. Covered the Olympics and Paralympics for several sailing titles.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from /2007 until now

Able Seaman

Firstly learned myself and then trained others in the arts of sailing a replica of a Revolutionary War era Royal Navy warship for 12 months.

Company: SSV Rose

I worked there from 6/1993 until 6/1994

Content I Write