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Marketing Copywriter

About Me

I am a copywriter specializing in writing blog posts and articles for SMBs. My copy helps with brand awareness, education, and conversion of customers and clients. I provide content that engages your target audience and motivates them to take action, such as asking for more information, or buying your products and services.

As a marketing expert, I understand that each company wants to establish itself as the solution to the challenges of prospects. With the right messaging, this is possible. My priority is writing informative and engaging content that helps to achieves your marketing goals. 

Whether you want brand awareness, higher ranking in search engines, thought leadership, or educational content, I can create the content that resonates with your target audience.

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My Writing Samples

Branding vs. Marketing: 4 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs Both

This blog post defines branding and marketing and explains why both are needed for business growth.


13 Email Marketing Best Practices

This short guide provides the basics of email marketing.


How Writers Make Money

This online sales letter is for the book How Writers Make Money. It demonstrates my direct response copywriting skill.


What is PIP No-Fault Car Insurance?

This article about PIP no-fault car insurance was for the website of a Florida personal injury lawyer.


What is an Annuity?

Learn the basics of annuities, an investment vehicle for people in higher tax brackets.


How Data Protection Prevents Ransomware Attacks

Learn tips on how businesses can prevent ransomware attacks.


Creating an Emergency Action Plan for Business Continuity

An organization only survives a cyberattack or data breach with a plan in place that ensures continuity.


Why Internet Marketers Need to Make Email List Building a Priority

Learn about the benefits of email marketing, how to build an email list, and how to use your list to get the best ROI.


How to Raise Your Credit Score in One Month

If you want to raise your credit score quickly, follow the suggestions in this article.


What is an Independent Contractor?

This article is for any business considering hiring freelancers or independent contractors versus employees.


Best Reasons for Using Linux Cloud Backup Solutions

Businesses need to protect their digital assets from cyberattacks. One preventative measures is Linux cloud backup and storage.


Top 12 Tips for Recent Graduates With Student Loans

If you’re a recent graduate, you’ll have to start paying back your student loans. By following a few useful tips, you can make your repayments more affordable.


Building a Business as a Multi-Tenant Cloud Backup Reseller

Learn how to become a reseller and add an income stream to your business.


The Benefits of Press Releases for Content Marketing

Press releases are a great way to promote your content marketing efforts.


Private Cloud versus Public Cloud – What is Better for You?

Learn about the advantages and the drawback of using private clouds and public cloud computing systems.


Choosing a Certificate of Deposit

This blog post discusses Certificates of Deposits (or CDs), a conservative investment vehicle, They are best for people who want to invest but are adverse to risk.



Freelance Copywriter

During my writing career, I have written articles, blog posts, emails, case studies, sales letters, press releases, landing pages, pay-per-click ads, product descriptions, video scripts, website copy, and social media posts for clients in a variety of industries. Previous clients include Simply Hired, Legal Zoom, Angie’s List, Consumer Search, Bounty, Inside View, Best Cash Cow, Real Legal Marketing, and Cyber 2 Media among others.

Company: Various Companies

I worked there from / until /

Technical Writer

In my first and only corporate job, I created and rewrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WIs) that described various infrastructure processes. I also wrote Quality Assurance audit reports of all reviewed regulatory documentation.

Company: Johnson & Johnson

I worked there from / until /

Marketing Associate

I worked in the marketing departments of these two B2B publishing companies selling advertising space in print directories. These jobs gave me actual sales experience which most copywriters don't have.

Company: Thomas Regional Directory and Ambassador Publishing

I worked there from / until /

Acting Manaaging Editor

aires magazine was a start-up print publication. This was my first job in publishing. I started out in the marketing department but moved to the editorial department where I quickly became Acting Managing Editor. I planned editorial direction of magazine, developed story ideas, worked with freelancers and did line editing, rewrites, proofreading and copyediting of entire manuscripts.

Company: aires

I worked there from / until /

Commodities Day Trader

After college, I learned to day trade from reading my father's investment books. For several years, I traded in stock index futures, grains, and foreign currencies while also investing in several mutual funds. This experience and ongoing reading makes me an expert in writing about personal finance.

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from / until /

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