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About Me

I'm a passionate copywriter with an addiction for social media. I love to write all sorts of articles and ebooks, as well as translations. Most of my work is based on lifestyle and health, but my favourite topic is creepypasta.

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My Writing Samples

What All Millennial Divorced Mothers Want You To Know Before Dating Them

The millennials who made Generation X raise their eyebrows not long ago are now becoming parents on their own. With 1 in 5 mothers being millennials, there are roughly 9 million millennial mothers raising kids.



Web Content Specialist

- in the first week I increased the views by 160%

Company: dexiMEDIA LLC

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Web Content Specialist

- writing optimized content for the company clients

Company: Jolkin

I worked there from 7/2016 until now

Editor in Chief

REMOTE TIPS - Travel, Productivity and Lifestyle Tips for Remoters, also Known to The World as Digital Nomads

Company: RemoteTips

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

Freelance Contributor

Company: Elite Daily

I worked there from 5/2016 until now

Freelance Contributor

Company: BoredPanda

I worked there from 4/2016 until now

Freelance Contributor

I write engaging articles on Communication, Health, Foods,Productivity and Digital Nomading.

Company: Lifehack.org

I worked there from 5/2014 until now

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