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Chemist and Freelance Writer

About Me

What you will notice most about my writing is its versatility. I have years of experience in the realm of scientific subjects, especially relating to health, wellness, and nutrition. A growing love for my craft pushed me to branch myself out into other areas such as product reviews, web copy, and even short fiction. Obtaining a degree from one of the world's top universities, together with a love of reading, my education is considerably well rounded. The skill of my research enables me to write with competence about specific subjects in which I may be relatively unfamiliar. If I do not have the information, I know how to acquire it.

In my spare time, I enjoy weightlifting, bowling, swimming, gaming, and walking outside.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Growing Your Own Hibiscus Sabdariffa Plant

How to grow your own hibiscus plant.


Getting the Most Out of Your Single Day Trip to Cedar Point

Heading to Cedar Point for a day? Here's how to get as much out of the park as you can in a one-day trip.


Five Best Value Safety Razor Blades

If you are taking up traditional wet shaving, here are five brands that will give you the most for your money.


Curing Cancer With Oncolytic Viruses

Science is in the process of turning several viruses into a powerful biomedical ally.



Web Content and Article Writer

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I worked there from /2015 until now

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