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As a freelance writer, Nicole's goal is to create clear and compelling content that builds awareness, generates leads, and drives engagement. She specializes is health and medicine for consumer and corporate audiences. She has also written in the areas of business, law, personal finance, relationships, and travel. Nicole's range of writing services includes articles, blog posts, case studies, executive briefings, press releases, web content, and more.

In addition to freelancing, Nicole is a healthcare analyst for a global healthcare information and consulting firm. She has authored more than 60 industry reports analyzing key players and drivers in managed care, including health systems, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, physicians, and health insurance plans.

Nicole began her career in clinical research, coordinating industry-funded clinical trials in psychiatry and neurology. She has been able to leverage her background in research, science, and medicine to author high-value content across numerous subject matter.

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My Writing Samples

Confronting the opioid crisis: A case for medication-assisted treatment

The United States is facing an epidemic of drug overdose deaths, with more people dying from overdose deaths in 2014 than in any year on record, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And more than 60 percent of the country’s drug overdose deaths involve an opioid, including both prescription opioids and heroin. Scientific research and physicians agree, Medication-Assisted-Treatment (MAT), or the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, is key to tackling the country’s opioid epidemic. Yet as overdose deaths rise, MAT remains severely underutilized...


Behavioral healthcare lags in non-expansion states

States that opt out of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act may be undermining access to mental health and addiction services for low-income individuals. Roughly 3 million low-income individual nationwide struggle with behavioral health issues, about half of whom live in Medicaid non-expansion states, according to a report published by the Government Accountability Office. Residents of non-expansion states have not gained access to much needed mental health and addiction services as a result, including psychiatric assessments, outpatient and inpatient treatment, and prescription drugs. And the states themselves are losing on several fronts as well...


Moving behavioral health reimbursement toward value

The shift from the fee-for-service payment structure to fee-for-value payment models is no easy feat. But the transition is proving to be an even more monumental task for behavioral health. Payers tend to view mental health as distinct from physical health and often “carve out” mental health treatment from provider contracts, despite the frequent overlap between mental and physical illnesses. A lack of quality measures and standards for behavioral health treatment presents additional obstacles...



Healthcare Writer

Authoring industry reports analyzing key players and drivers in managed care, including health systems, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, physicians, and health insurance plans.

Company: DRG

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

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