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I'm an Awesome Freelance content writer & Blogger with Mental health , Personal Finance, and Wellness Expertise!!

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Freelance writer/Content marketer with expertise in personal finance, mental health and personal wellness. I am a hardworking and quick learning individual with a serious drive to succeed. I am Confident, and always eager to gain new skills & experiences.

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The Art of Becoming a Freelance Ninja

The Art of Becoming a Freelance Ninja. Learn how to get your freelance career up and running effectively. Tips and guide for you!


How Stress Denies you Sleep: Understanding the risks

How you handle stress could be the reason you are not able to sleep at night.


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Beginner’s Guide to Defining your Brand on ModernLifeBlogs.com. Learn basic tips to defining and optimizing your business brand.


Control your Budget! Don’t let it Control You!

Tips to better manage your budget and your life!


Time Management Tips from a Fellow Super

Time Management Tips from a Fellow Super. Learn how to better manage your time and stay organized.



Admissions Specialist

Actively participates in the maintenance of 24/7 daily systems to maximize patient flow and optimize bed capacity across the enterprise. Supports centralized communications between referring and accepting provider services. Monitors future admissions and discharges to determine impact on patient flow, resources and enterprise capacity. Communicates and collaborates with Access Nurse and Admission Specialist staff in triage, prioritization and all bed assignment activities associated with accurate patient transfer and placement needs. Collaborates with nursing and other ancillary departments to maximize day-to-day patient and bed flow management. This includes, but is not limited to, preparing for and leading bed meetings, monitoring, interacting with, and ensuring accuracy of electronic patient placement systems data, providing backup for patient placement discussions and decisions across the enterprise. Utilizes standardized patient placement processes across all areas of responsibility. Assigns locations/beds for patients. Communicates hospital census information. Corrects reported census errors and act as a resource to ensure accurate census and patient charges. Implements HIPPA privacy regulations and Patient Bill of Rights and act as a resource for others in the organization. Oversees emergency and electronic back-up methods and procedures to support patient flow. Provides feedback to the supervisors related to process delays. Meets regularly with Transfer Center team members to discuss, problem-solve, and develop mitigation strategies related to improvement of patient flow. Actively engages in daily implementation of strategic goals as they relate to capacity management, patient flow and department development. Interprets and supports policies, procedures and safety standards to facilitate daily operations. Develops and promotes long term relationships with referring facilities.

Company: Cleveland Clinic

I worked there from 1/2017 until now

Youth Counselor

Work as part of an interdisciplinary team providing the care, Implementing behavior management, data collection, therapeutic milieu, and instruction in individual and/or small group settings programs for autistic children ranging from ages 9 to 22. We deliver, plan and organize daily activities and routines to optimize treatment program and students learning. We protect students from physical and emotional harm emanating from themselves, others, or the environment. We properly handle emergencies such as injury, runaway and acting out situations by strictly following treatment guidelines in developing and fostering acceptable alternatives to non-communicative, negative, and/or destructive behaviors. We teach and role model pro-social, mediation, and self-management skills. We provide care of the students, which include supervising students when using restroom, during hygiene, care of sick students, assisting students with meals, management of treatment plans.

Company: Bellefaire JCB

I worked there from 5/2015 until now

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