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Freelance Ghost Writer

About Me

I had a steady job as a vocalist in bands for over 20 years. The last 10 years were spent in two house gigs where I worked five nights a week, just like a real job (gasp). My writing career is on its ninth year and counting. I am currently a copywriter and social media manager for LBD Marketing and an executive assistant part time for Mitch Gibson, owner of LBD Marketing. I write and rewrite copy for Harrington's Marketing on a part time basis. I am always looking for new challenges in my career.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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Science & Medicine

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Copywriter and Social Media Management

I write content for the clients and format, upload, and publish them on the website. I work as a social media manager and write posts, create infographics, and schedule posts in Hootsuite.

Company: Liked By Design - LBD Marketing

I worked there from 12/2014 until now

Lead Writer/Junior Editor

Job Duties: Select projects to write for clients to use on their websites and blogs. Complete tasks as instructed within the deadline. Ensure content is of quality using excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation. Use the appropriate amount of SEO writing content for clients. Skills: Superior writing skills, adept with text editing, Excel and Word, research, time management, proofreading and problem solving.

Company: Self-Employed Freelance Writer

I worked there from 9/2008 until now

Content I Write