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Mark Goodman has a unique blend of public and private sector experience having served as environmental analyst and site planner for the County of Orange, manager of land processing for KB Home, senior policy advisor on affordable housing and regional transportation for former Orange County Supervisor Thomas F. Riley, real estate development/Low Income Housing Tax Credit consultant and director of development for one of California’s most successful homebuilders. After having served as technical staff and policy advisor to public policy decision-makers, Mark became a decision-maker in 1992 when he was elected to the Laguna Niguel City Council. Mark holds a Master of Public Administration Degree (urban planning emphasis) from California State University Fullerton. He served two terms as the mayor of Laguna Niguel and was a member of the Orange County Fire Authority board of directors. He has served as chair of the County of Orange 20 Year Transportation Master Plan Task Force and member of the board of directors of the Orange County Transportation Corridor Agencies (budget & finance committee) as well as on numerous other countywide boards and committees involved with transportation, affordable housing, water resources and regional government Experience in working from both the private and public perspectives, as well as from an elected official's viewpoint, has provided Mark with the ability to understand the many technical, financial and political considerations that must be evaluated in today's difficult regulatory and budgetary climate to ensure the feasibility of private development proposals. It also makes him comfortable in working the diversity of stakeholders and regulatory agencies involved to ensure that community goals and standards are met while gaining project approvals to meet critical deadlines.

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The Dangers of Government Acting “Like a Business”

In every election cycle the old “government needs to be run like a business” argument raises its ugly head. I say “ugly” because I strongly believe the argument to be not just wrong, but dangerous. I have spent roughly half of my career working inside government, including time as a local elected official, and the other half in real estate development (guiding land development proposals through the labyrinth of the multilevel governmental permitting process). The argument is fallacious because it fails to take into account the nature of governmental bureaucracy, and dangerous because it lends itself to providing government with the opportunity to insinuate itself into the free market where it can use its massive spending and regulatory authority to overpower and discourage private initiative (i.e. a legal monopoly).



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• Zoning & Land Use Entitlements • Project Management • Development Processing • Due Diligence & Financial Feasibility • Jurisdictional Agency Permits • Real Estate Acquisition• • Environmental Analysis • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution • Housing/LIHTC • Budgets & Public Project Financing • Personnel & Labor Negotiations • Team Building & Leadership • Public Speaker • Excellent Writing Skills


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